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 April 11 - Record Numbers Abandon Sweden Church Because 'They Do Not Believe in God'
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

Satan has many ways of deceiving. While many in the world believe that anything and everything can be worshipped as God, the Swedes appear to be headed the opposite direction. Of course, when man willingly chooses to believe there is no God, it won't be long when this trend will be turned around. Read Romans chapter one.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden says people are continuing to abandon the faith in record numbers. More than 90,000 left the church in 2016 and the main reason cited was "they do not believe in God."
The Local reported on Tuesday that the 90,000 who left the church last year is almost double the number of those who quit in 2015. The steep drop saw as many as 1.5 percent of the entire membership abandon the church.
The Swedish Church, which used pollsters Norstat to conduct the survey, found that 40 percent of respondents left because they "no longer believe in God," which was the most popular reason given. Another 18 percent said that they no longer found the churchgoing experience meaningful, while 17 percent said that it was "too expensive."

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 April 13 - A bleeding host in Argentina? Bishop investigates alleged Eucharistic miracle
 Article: Signs And Wonders

Comment from UTT:
So-called eucharistic miracles are reported by the Roman Catholic church from time to time suggesting that miracles are showing that "Jesus" is present in the transubstantiated wafer. In some cases, it is claimed the face of this "Jesus" actually appears. Obviously this contradicts what the Jesus of the Bible stated about himself in Matthew chapter 24 when he said that such "lying signs and wonders" would be a sign that his return would be soon.
A bishop in the Argentine province in Santa Fe is investigating a Eucharistic host that appeared to bleed during adoration at a drug rehabilitation home.

Bishop Luis Fernandez of the Rafaela diocese announced that an investigation will be carried out to examine what took place earlier this week, when a group of young people were in Eucharistic adoration and saw a substance in the consecrated host that appeared to be blood. On April 11, Tuesday of Holy Week, a group of young people were praying before the Blessed Sacrament at the San Miguel drug rehabilitation home in the Guemes neighborhood, when they noticed a change in the Eucharist. Juan Ternengo, coordinator of San Miguel house, said that there was a "deep red color, coming out of the host, while the young people were singing and praying."

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 April 18 - Controversial 'three-parent baby' fertility technique takes off in Mexico City
 Article: Cloning And Genetic Engineering

Comment from UTT:
Science continues to play God in the name of offering solutions for the betterment of life. There are no limits when man chooses to make the rules. While regulations have been used in the past, in the future expect to see that the sky is the limit when it comes to tinkering with life.
Sitting in his spotless office in the New Hope Fertility Clinic in Mexico City, soft music playing in the hallway in the background, Doctor Alejandro Chávez-Badiola shows an affable smile. "'Three-parent babies' is not the title I would have chosen for the treatment," the clinic director says. "But if the press had not given it such an attractive title, the news of what we're doing probably would not have had such an impact."


Indeed, "three-parent baby" is easier to remember than "mitochondrial replacement treatment" (MRT), a relatively new procedure offered to couples who want to reduce the chance of passing certain genetic diseases onto their children. It is controversial because the embryo takes eggs from two mothers.

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 April 17 - The Real Reason Why Millennials Aren't Going to Church, and It's Not Because They Hate Jesus
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

Comment from UTT:
If this article is true, then Rick Warren and those who follow the emerging church don't know what they are doing. While it would be great to say that the author of this article is correct, read it for yourself and make your own decision.


Millennials are leaving church at record numbers and they are described as America's least religious generation. But while they may be highly skeptical of religion, they are still thirsty to find meaning in life. 


Studies show it isn't Jesus they're rejecting, they're rejecting churches that aren't making themselves relevant to Millennial culture. Researcher and president of LifeWay Christian Resources Thom Rainer says three things matter the most to Millennials: content, authenticity, and quality.

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