Mar 20 2017 - April 2,2017 
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 March 9 - Global Leaders Rattle Their Sabers As The World Marches Toward War
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Iran just conducted another provocative missile test, more U.S. troops are being sent to the Middle East, it was just announced that the U.S. military will be sending B-1 and B-52 bombers to South Korea in response to North Korea firing four missiles into the seas near Japan, and China is absolutely livid that a U.S. carrier group just sailed through contested waters in the South China Sea.  We have entered a season where leaders all over the globe feel a need to rattle their sabers, and many fear that this could be leading us to war.  In particular, Donald Trump is going to be under the microscope in the days ahead as other world leaders test his resolve.  Will Trump be able to show that he is tough without going over the edge and starting an actual conflict?

The Iranians made global headlines on Thursday when they conducted yet another ballistic missile test despite being warned by Trump on numerous occasions

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 March 12 - Many Young Adults Are Turning To Witchcraft As A Way To Rebel Against Their Conservative Christian Upbringings
 Article: Rising Interest In The Supernatural

Young adults in America are far less likely to identify themselves as "Christians" than previous generations of Americans, but that does not mean that they have given up on searching for spiritual meaning in their lives. According to Wikipedia, one very popular form of witchcraft known as Wicca has been growing at a rate of more than 100 percent annually in recent years, and this has been happening at a time when Christianity has been in decline in the United States. Of course other pagan and occult groups have been exploding in popularity as well, and as you will see below, one of the primary reasons for this is because many young adults are seeking ways to rebel against their conservative Christian upbringings.

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 March 16 - Temple Mount Conflict Proves Islamic 'Replacement Theology' Seeks to Usurp All Religions
 Article: Miscellaneous

The conflict over the Temple Mount is a clear manifestation of Islamic replacement theology, a noted archaeologist told the Knesset on Wednesday. It is the site's holy status in Judaism that is the basis of Islam's interest, and this phenomenon has been seen throughout history, with Islam appropriating major Christian sites as well.

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 March 15 - Italian Evangelical Pastor Claims Pope Francis Wants to 'Dismantle Protestant Reformation'
 Article: One World Religion

An Italian evangelical pastor recently gave a warning to the Ligonier National Conference regarding Pope Francis, accusing the pontiff of ultimately wants to "dismantle ... the Protestant Reformation."
Leonardo De Chirico, Italian evangelical pastor of the Church Breccia di Roma, told those gathered at the Conference last week in Orlando, Florida, that despite his overtures, the pope and Roman Catholic Church maintain positions contrary to the spirit of the Protestant Reformation and that are at odds with modern evangelicalism. "He is ... the first Jesuit pope. And remember, the Jesuit order was founded in the 16th century to fight against the spreading of the Protestant Reformation," said De Chirico.
"With Pope Francis, the Jesuit order comes to us with a smiling face, but always carrying with him not only the tradition, but also the goal of the Jesuit order to dismantle, to deconstruct the Protestant Reformation and to offer a Roman Catholic alternative."

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 March 19 - Hillsong United promote New Age Jesus of 'The Shack'.
 Article: Unbiblical Christianity

The difference between Christianity and Hillsong is that Christianity believes in the Word of God alone. Hillsong does not. In fact, since Hillsong's inception, they have continually demonstrated that they are willing to defend anything else but the bible. If any Christian upholds the teachings of Jesus (which is what being a disciple of Jesus does), Hillsong members treat the more discerning Christian with hostility, accusing them of being haters or being too judgmental.

We see this whenever Hillsong go out of their way to promote movies that do not reflect the Christian faith. We saw this with Hillsong endorsing the incredibly pagan film 'Noah,' attacking any Christian who had a problem with this as being "religious." They did something similar when Brian Houston and Hillsong endorsed the New Age film 'Heaven is For Real'. As critics rightly pointed out with that particular film, people were being led by the irrational theology of a child. Hillsong followers demonstrated they cared more about the child's 'theology' and his questionable heavenly experiences rather than the word of God.

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 March 19 - The Global Famine Begins: UN Announces That The Worst Food Crisis Since World War II Is Happening Right Now
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

It would be hard to overstate the level of human suffering that we are witnessing in many parts of Africa at this moment.  In Somalia, the UN estimates that more than 6 million people are in desperate need of food aid

As Somalia inches closer to a calamitous famine, the prospect of utter devastation and colossal loss of human life is once again becoming an imminent reality. The humanitarian situation in Somalia is deteriorating by the day with up to 6.2 million people in need of urgent aid. People across Somalia have been forced to walk hundreds of miles in search of food, water and shelter- with women and children disproportionately affected. Over 300,000 children under the age of five are severely malnourished, with over 200,000 more children at risk of acute malnutrition.

In South Sudan, close to half the population is in dire need of assistance, and things have gotten so bad there that people will literally eat grass if they can find it

Across South Sudan more than one million children are believed to be acutely malnourished and UNICEF have said that if urgent aid does not reach them, many of them will die. "There is no food, we eat anything we can find," one South Sudanese mother told ITV. "We will find grass, we will eat it. That's just the way it us for us now."

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 March 24 - Pope Sends Message for 70th Anniversary of International Catholic Center for Cooperation With UNESCO
 Article: One World Government

In his message for the 70th anniversary of the International Catholic Center for Cooperation with UNESCO (ICCC), founded in 1947, Pope Francis encourages to reject fear, violence and closure and to choose "brotherhood." For this occasion, the ICCC organized on Thursday, March 23, 2017, an international Forum, entitled "What World Do We Want to Build Together?" at UNESCO's House in Paris, France, in collaboration with the Holy See's Permanent Observation Mission at UNESCO and under the patronage of UNESCO and the French National Commission for UNESCO.


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 March 16 - Futurist Ray Kurzweil: AI-human merger only 12 yrs away
 Article: Transmumanism

During an interview on March 13th at the 2017 SXSW tech conference self described futurist Ray Kurzweil said he believes a singularity, where carbon and silicon-based intelligence will merge to form a single global consciousness, will occur in the next 12 years.


Kurzweil said this singularity would create a cybernetic society including humans with computers in their brains and machines smarter than their creators.

"By 2029, computers will have human-level intelligence," Kurzweil said. "That leads to computers having human intelligence, our putting them inside our brains, connecting them to the cloud, expanding who we are." "Today, that's not just a future scenario," Kurzweil continued. "It's here, in part, and it's going to accelerate."

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