Jan 16 2016 - Jan 22,2017 
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 January 9 - AP Exclusive: Diplomats: Iran to get natural uranium batch
 Article: Israel And The Last Days

Iran is to receive a huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia to compensate it for exporting tons of reactor coolant, diplomats say, in a move approved by the outgoing U.S. administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to a landmark nuclear pact. Two senior diplomats said the transfer recently approved by the U.S. and five other world powers that negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran foresees delivery of 116 metric tons (nearly 130 tons) of natural uranium.

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 January 10 - World Economic Forum: Science Fiction Turned Reality
 Article: One World Government

WEF founder Schwab notes, "The world today seems to be engulfed in a sea of pessimism, negativity, and cynicism." Really? Could it be the natural outcome of disingenuous and destructive globalization in the first place?  TN Editor
As the past year has demonstrated, leaders must be responsive to the demands of the people who have entrusted them to lead, while also providing a vision and a way forward, so that people can imagine a better future. True leadership in a complex, uncertain, and anxious world requires leaders to navigate with both a radar system and a compass. They must be receptive to signals that are constantly arriving from an ever-changing landscape, and they should be willing to make necessary adjustments; but they must never deviate from their true north, which is to say, a strong vision based on authentic values. That is why the World Economic Forum has made Responsive and Responsible Leadership the theme for our annual January meeting in Davos. As leaders in government, business, and civil society chart a course for the next year, five key challenges will warrant their attention.

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 January 9 - Is unity the most important thing to Pope Francis?
 Article: One World Religion

Pope Francis has decided to begin 2017 in much the same way as he did last year: praying for Christian unity. And it's this drive for unity - not only among Christians but with other religions as well - that's emerged as sort-of personal manifesto from practically the moment he took office. In his newest and first prayer video for the year, Pope Francis prayed for Christian unity, specifically "that all Christians may be faithful to the Lord's teaching by striving with prayer and fraternal charity to restore ecclesial communion and by collaborating to meet the challenges facing humanity."


He closes his video asking viewers to "join your voice to mine in praying for all who contribute through prayer and fraternal charity to restoring full ecclesial communion in service of the challenges facing humanity." At the beginning of each year the Pope's prayer intentions for the next 12 months are released, showing topics he wants to draw attention to throughout the year. This year, Christian unity is setting the tone.

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