The World and the Church Without God

Commentary by Roger Oakland
Understand The Times International: Roger Oakland Ministries



I am not a columnist for Wall Street Journal or a writer for the London Times. In fact, I am really a farmer with a ministry who loves the Lord and has a heart for exposing deception and pointing people to the truth. I only have a degree in Biology and have never studied journalism. However, there is one thing I know. The Bible has given me instruction in many areas of life. Common sense is one of them.

At the present time, the world is in absolute chaos. No individual or government of any nation knows what to do. Neither does the so-called United Nations able to legislate peace in the world. Countries hate one another. Terrorists cut off heads in the name of God and then promote their activities by what is called the social media.

Children are brainwashed and allow suicide bombs to be strapped to their bodies in order to kill adults who belong to a different religion. The Pope tells the world that all religions worship the same God. Can someone please stand up with the truth and say what is going on?

Without the Bible, none of this makes sense. We live in a fallen world. Satan, the great deceiver, has influenced the affairs of man since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. If one believes this in today’s world, and even in what is called the evangelical church, he is considered to be on the lunatic fringe. Satan has been explained away, and people do not believe God is still on the throne.

Man makes a feeble attempt to resolve global problems man’s way. Those running for President or other political positions debate endlessly over non issues while leaders of countries threaten to wipe out the world with nuclear weapons for the sake of power and greed.

Darwinian evolution provides the foundation for Marxist atheism and its cousin, humanism. Public schools, and now even “Christian” colleges and seminaries, have bought the lie. Young people have been brainwashed to believe they are no different than brute-like apes and then play the role.

Without God’s revelation to man found in God’s Word, society is led by false ideologies and religions that masquerade as the truth. Entire nations are held in darkness. Nations that perhaps started out right end up wrong. History repeats itself over and over.

From a biblical perspective, we are living at a period of history that was prophesied thousands of years ago. While the signposts are everywhere, the masses are blind. Professing Christians who say they believe in God are some of the worst offenders and most deceived. They should be able to see what is happening and warn others. Instead, they relegate Bible prophecy to mythology and waste their energy being purpose-driven or finding ways to get closer to Jesus through eastern mysticism.

When someone sounds the alarm, they are considered by the majority to be “the haters.” Making reference to the pleas of the Old Testament prophets to return to righteousness, their former colleagues or even church members hurl nasty names at them. Claiming to be God-loving Bible-believing Christians, they see those who are warning them as the enemy. Receiving the truth is not something they accept. For them, truth is now relative as they have fallen victim to the postmodern ecumenical mindset that all views are acceptable.

Of course while claiming that all views are acceptable, there is one view they have rejected. No longer are they obedient to God and God’s Word. Instead of teaching the Word, they tell stories. Instead of warning about hell and a lost eternity, they talk about how you can have whatever you want and be whatever you want to be. These wolves in sheep’s clothing are devouring flock after flock.

The churches that succeed are no longer churches. Instead, they become entertainment centers for adults, teens, and children. Venues are created to please everyone. One week there is a petting zoo, the next an art gallery. Every week the acid rock bands play, and the people love it so. Hymn books are discarded along with the doctrines of the Bible they once taught. Now, repetitive choruses repeat phrases over and over (phrases that say nothing about the Bible but describe the feelings one experiences from singing).

What is the solution? Get back to the Bible. Jesus is coming soon!


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