Part of Raymond Arroyo's interview with Rick Warren on the EWTN show World Over

Transcript Of TV Interview

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Raymond Arroyo:         The Vatican recently sent a delegation here to Saddleback—the pontifical council—the academy for life. Tell me what they discovered and why did they come? This is a sizeable group.

Rick Warren:      It was. They were about 30 bishops from Europe. One of the men who had been actually trained and mentored by Jean Vanier Which is an interesting thing because we have a retreat center here and my spiritual director who grew up at Saddleback actually went and trained under Jean Vanier too. So I am very excited about that. But they were talking about the New Evangelization and Saddleback has been very effective in reaching secular mindset. Our church is 33 years old. Easter 2014 Saddleback is our 34th anniversary. And in 34 years, we’ve baptized 38,000 adults. Now, these are adult converts. People with no religious background. People who say, I was nothing before I came to Saddleback. So we figured out a way to reach that mindset. And I fully support your Catholic Church’s New Evangelization which basically says we’ve got to re-evangelize people who are Christian in name but not in heart. And they need a new fresh relationship to our Savior.