Out of India - A true story about the New Age movement  
Caryl Matrisciana


Born and raised in India, Caryl was surrounded by Hinduism an all encompassing religion that embraces Yoga, Eastern Mysticism, reincarnation and at its heart, the belief that all is divine.

After leaving India for the West, Caryl, as a young adult, became involved in  the 1960s hippie movement and unwittingly embraced Hinduism, which was in the process of being repackaged as The New Age.

Raised a devout Roman Catholic, Caryl realized that Catholicism, Hinduism and the New Age Movement were all comprised of similar beliefs which had managed to gain inroads into various Protestant denominations. By the mid 1990s, this New Age spirituality was calling itself the Emerging Church and being welcomed into the Evangelical Church. Today, the New Spirituality, with its foundation in Eastern Contemplative Mysticism accepts interspirituality, the idea that all religions are equal paths to God.

Out of India traces the roots of New Age emerging spirituality currently infiltrating global business, education, government, medicine and now even believers seducing millions of Christians away from the truth of Biblical Christianity.