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The News In Review newsletter is a service provided by Understand The Times that is a compilation of the news articles previously posted on our site . Understand The Times does not endorse these events but rather is showing the church the current events.  The purpose of posting these articles is to warn the church of deception from a Biblical perspective.

 August 23 - 'Hezbollah drill prepares to 'occupy the Galilee"
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

A reportedly large Hezbollah military drill held in southern Lebanon is part of an Iranian-orchestrated preparation for a confrontation with Israel, a senior Israeli security analyst said.

Over 10,000 Hezbollah fighters participated in the terror organization's largest military exercise to date last week, which included defensive tactics and "preparations to conquer the Upper Galilee," Lebanese newspaper Al- Joumhouria reported Thursday morning.

"This is happening in full coordination with Iran," said Dr. Ely Karmon, a senior research school at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya's Institute for Counter-Terrorism. "In his last two speeches, [Hezbollah chief Hassan] Nasrallah indicated that he would join an Iranian counter-strike if Israel struck Iran's nuclear program."

Iran could also be preparing Hezbollah for the possibility of ordering it to launch a provocation against Israel to preempt an Israeli strike
, Karmon said.

According to the report, some 2,000 elite Hezbollah fighters will continue training in Iran, a development that is indicative of the close cooperation between the two. "Iran's interest is Hezbollah's interest. If Iran goes nuclear, Hezbollah can remain as a significant force," Karmon said.

Last Friday, Nasrallah threatened to rain rockets onto Israel's North as part of his public address on the Iranian-sponsored "al-Quds Day," when Iranian leaders trumpet threats to annihilate Israel.

Nasrallah boasted of an ability to strike strategically sensitive sites in Israel, saying, "hitting these targets with a small number of rockets will turn... the lives of hundreds of thousands of Zionists to real hell, and we can talk about tens of thousands of dead," he said.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said Wednesday that "whoever thinks he can eliminate Israel and try to harm our state will discover the deadly force of the IDF."

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 August 25 - Scientists Successfully 'Hack' Brain To Obtain Private Data
 Article: Miscellaneous

It sounds like something out of the movie "Johnny Mnemonic," but scientists have successfully been able to "hack" a brain with a device that's easily available on the open market.

Researchers from the University of California and University of Oxford in Geneva figured out a way to pluck sensitive information from a person's head, such as PIN numbers and bank information.

The scientists took an off-the-shelf Emotiv brain-computer interface, a device that costs around $299, which allows users to interact with their computers by thought. The scientists then sat their subjects in front of a computer screen and showed them images of banks, people, and PIN numbers. They then tracked the readings coming off of the brain, specifically the P300 signal. The P300 signal is typically given off when a person recognizes something meaningful, such as someone or something they interact with on a regular basis. Scientists that conducted the experiment found they could reduce the randomness of the images by 15 to 40 percent, giving them a better chance of guessing the correct answer.

Another interesting facet about the experiments is how the P300 signal could be read for lie detection. In the paper that the scientists released, they state that "the P300 can be used as a discriminative feature in detecting whether or not the relevant information is stored in the subject's memory.

"For this reason, a GKT based on the P300 has a promising use within interrogation protocols that enable detection of potential criminal details held by the suspect," the researchers said.

This could only be the beginning of a new form of fraud. Scientists say that a person with their guard lowered could be "easily engaged into 'mind games' that camouflage the interrogation of the user and make them more cooperative."

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