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The News In Review newsletter is a service provided by Understand The Times that is a compilation of the news articles previously posted on our site . Understand The Times does not endorse these events but rather is showing the church the current events.  The purpose of posting these articles is to warn the church of deception from a Biblical perspective.

 November 24 - Next Generation To Be Born Into 'Cashless' Society
 Artical: One World Government

Today's younger generation will trade in their cash, credit cards and cheques for mobile digital wallets by 2016, new research claims. Children born today will be Britain's first "cashless generation" and will frequently use their smartphones in exchange for goods and services, according to a report by the research company Forrester for the e-commerce site PayPal.
The survey, based on interviews with ten senior executives from major UK businesses with a combined turnover of 85 billion in 2010, identified 2016 as the year that the "digital switchover" will take place on the high street.
From those interviewed, nine out of ten said they believed that mobile payments will be accepted within four years, while half of those interviewed said the development could happen in three years.

The firm predicts that consumers will trade in cash, credit cards and cheques for mobile wallets as soon as 2016, when mass adoption of mobile payment technology is expected to take place.

Commenting on the digital switchover, PayPal UK managing director Carl Scheible said: "We'll see a huge change over the next few years in the way we shop and pay for things. "By 2016, you'll be able to leave your wallet at home and use your mobile as a 21st-century digital wallet."

Orange and Barclaycard launched the Quick Tap contactless mobile payment service earlier this year. The near field communication system allows consumers to have their handsets enabled to make purchases in more than 50,000 shops.

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 November 22 - The Blessed Mother - The Vatican's Secret Weapon?
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from Understand the Times:
The New Evangelization promoted by the pope in Rome is definitely connected to lying signs and wonders and so-called apparitions of Mary. Of course, it is only a matter of time when these apparitions of Mary will point to the false appearances of the Eucharistic Jesus which will be a global ecumenical factor that will bring all religions to a false Christ.
Two esteemed men, one a United States Catholic Bishop from Green Bay, WI., the other a Cardinal based in Europe, serving as the Archbishop of Vienna, suddenly seem to have very much in common.

Both men, charged with revitalizing the Catholic faith, have courageously taken action that acknowledges the supernatural presence of Our Lady.

First, the two men have recently been placed in important leadership positions to assist Pope Benedict XVI in his efforts to revitalize the Catholic Faith. The Pope calls it "New Evangelization" and he has established an entirely new bureaucratic department in Rome to oversee this important function.

The American, Bishop Ricken has been elected as the new chairman to The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop's committee for Evangelization and Catechesis. He takes over this month. The European is Cardinal Christopf Schonborn, and he is one of the first members assigned to the new Vatican department called " the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization".

Generally (for good reason) Ministryvalues.com leaves such reporting to others, but this time something caught our attention, something we think is truly astonishing, and this something brings us to the second item that both men seem to have in common. It turns out this "something" is that both men have a great interest and intimate experience with the Blessed Mother.

To our surprise we discovered that the man given the leadership role in the United States to revitalize the Catholic faith, Bishop Ricken, is also the Bishop who investigated and formally approved an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The approved apparition is the first such authenticated case of the presence of the Blessed Mother on American soil. The apparition occurred nearly 150 years ago and today the Blessed Mother who appeared in Door County, Wi. is known as "Our Lady of Good Help." The Marian Shrine in the Green Bay area has quickly become a popular pilgrimage for the Catholic faithful.

Now what is truly surprising is that the European assigned to "New Evangelization" at the Vatican level, Cardinal Schonborn, last week had his own encounter with the Virgin Mother. The Cardinal invited visionary, Ivan Dragicevic, to his Cathedral to talk to his parish about his apparitions with the Blessed Mother. Ivan Dragicevic claims to see the Virgin Mary in an apparition - an apparition not yet approved known as Medjugorje.

Bishop Ricken, has acted boldly in the United States, with his approval of an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary and in Europe, Cardinal Schonborn, has acted fearlessly as well with his activities. Both men, charged with revitalizing the Catholic faith, have courageously taken action that acknowledges the supernatural presence of the Our Lady and importantly her motherly role in leading us to her son.

Do these two men talk to each other? Do they talk to the Pope about their findings and activities? Coincidence or not? Have Ricken and Schonborn been selected to Evangelize for the Chuch precisely because of their association with the Blessed Mother? Do the smoke signals tell us something more about the role of Our Lady in the Vatican's efforts in the "New Evangelization"?

Either way it is clear the Catholic Church has re-emphasized Pope John Paul II's call to seek Jesus through Mary. Pope Benedict XVI just yesterday urged the faithful in Africa - "Let us not be afraid to invoke, with confidence, her who ceaselessly dispenses to her children abundant divine graces."

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 November 4 - Big Brother's THREE MILLION targets: Massive surge in intrusive surveillance by state snoopers
 Article: One World Government

The astonishing extent of Britain's surveillance society was revealed for the first time yesterday. Three million snooping operations have been carried out over the past decade under controversial anti-terror laws. They include tens of thousands of undercover missions by councils and other state bodies which are not responsible for law enforcement.

Cases include a family who were spied on to check they were not cheating on school catchment area rules and so-called 'bin criminals'.

The group's report, titled Freedom from Suspicion, says: 'The UK has, in the space of 40 years, gone from a society in which mass surveillance was largely a theoretical possibility to one in which it has become not only ubiquitous but routine.'

Half of Facebook users 'can't keep up' with site's snooping policies as privacy rules change EIGHT times in two years

RIPA, billed as 'anti-terror legislation', was passed by Labour in 2000 supposedly to regulate snooping by public bodies. But Justice, which has campaigned on privacy matters for decades, says the result has been a huge increase in intrusive surveillance. Since the Act was passed, there have been:

More than 20,000 warrants for the interception of phone calls, emails and internet use;
At least 2.7million requests for communication data, including phone bills and location information;
More than 4,000 authorisations for intrusive surveillance, such as planting a bug in a person's house;
At least 186,133 authorisations for directed (covert) surveillance by law enforcement agencies;
61,317 directed surveillance operations by other public bodies, including councils;
43,391 authorisations for 'covert human intelligence sources'.
In total, the report says there have been around three million decisions taken by state bodies under RIPA, not including authorisations given to the security and intelligence services.
Yet fewer than 5,000 of these - just 0.16 per cent - were approved by judges.

The report also warns that
Britain has the largest DNA database in the world and the largest number of CCTV cameras. It highlights how the public readily hands over information, via supermarket loyalty cards and Oyster London Underground travel passes, which can be used to track a person's movements.

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 November 30 - Knights of Columbus to launch series on New Evangelization
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from Understand the Times:
The Roman Catholic Church's program to win the world to the Roman Catholic Eucharistic Jesus has now become a special project by the Knights of Columbus. A key component of the New Evangelization program is the practice of Eucharistic Adoration. Besides this bowing down to a wafer, expect to see more and more attention paid to Marian messages that point towards the adoration of the Eucharist.
The Knights of Columbus' Catholic Information Service will launch a series of booklets and online materials on the task of re-evangelizing formerly Christian societies.

"Pope Benedict XVI has made the New Evangelization a priority," said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson on Nov. 29.

"It is our hope," he added, that the new series "will help Catholics to learn about their faith in a way that allows them to participate first hand in the Church's mission of the New Evangelization."

The New Evangelization Series will feature online content and booklets focused on issues related to evangelizing modern culture and will draw from the writings of Popes Benedict XVI and Blessed John Paul II.

In their Nov. 29 announcement, the Knights of Columbus noted that the term "New Evangelization" was first used by Blessed Pope John Paul II early in his pontificate in Poland in 1979. The late pontiff often returned to this theme in his speeches and writing much like his successor, Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope Benedict has organized a synod in October of 2012 which will gather bishops from around the world in Rome to discuss efforts on the New Evangelization.

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 November 17 - Anglicans Fear UK Church Faces Extinction
 Article: Miscellaneous

Anglican leaders in the United Kingdom are concerned about the future of the Church of England. They say the next 20 years will decide if it survives or dies out.

At St. Swithuns Church in Retford, services have dropped to a maximum of 20 people, most of them retired.

St. Swithuns Team Rector Rev. Tony Walker said the biggest challenge is that people no longer feel a commitment to be a regular part of the church community.

Church members are unhappy seeing their congregation reduced to such low numbers. "I remember as a young boy this church was absolutely packed with people where as now there's only a handful. So that obviously makes you a little bit sad," one congregant said.

Anglican leaders have warned that without new members, the Church of England will cease to exist in 20 years as the current generation of elderly worshippers dies.

The warnings follow an internal report calling for an urgent national recruitment drive to attract more members. During the past 40 years, the number of adult churchgoers has halved, while the number of children attending regular worship has declined by 80 percent.

Many believe the key reason for the decline is an increasingly secular society that sees the Church as irrelevant, particularly to young people.

"I think they've got to open up to the 21st century, because to attract more people," one U.K resident said.
"You've got to have a kind of worship that people will enjoy and want to come to."

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 November 10 - Israel may launch strike on Iran as soon as next month to prevent development of nuclear weapons
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Israel will launch military action to prevent Iran developing a nuclear weapon as soon as Christmas, intelligence chiefs have warned.

The International Atomic Energy Agency found that Iran is developing a nuclear test facility, nuclear detonators and computer modelling for a nuclear warhead that would fit on an existing missile.

Sources say the understanding at the top of the British Government is that Israel will attempt to strike against the nuclear sites 'sooner rather than later' - with logistical support from the U.S.

A senior Foreign Office figure has revealed that ministers have been told to expect Israeli military action, adding: 'We're expecting something as early as Christmas, or very early in the new year.'

But the source ruled out direct British support, adding: 'Of course we are not in favour of Iran developing a bomb - but do we think they'd use it: no. 'The bigger concern is it will be impossible to stop Saudi Arabia and Turkey from developing their own weapons.'

A 13-page attachment to the agency's Iran report details intelligence and IAEA research that shows Tehran working on all aspects of research toward making a nuclear weapon, including fitting a warhead onto a missile.

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 November 9 - New privacy fears as police could track your GPS without a warrant
 Article: One World Government

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether police use of GPS devices to track criminal suspects requires a judge's advance approval. The case being argued Tuesday could have implications for other high-tech surveillance techniques in the digital age.

The government's point in favour of using the GPS device is that people have no expectation of privacy concerning their travel on public streets.

A representative from the ACLU pushed the point that this case is not solely about Jones but about the future decisions of the Supreme Court, saying that soon the issue of GPS on a car will be irrelevant as authorities move to simply track out cell phones without warrants since all cell devices have GPS capabilities already installed.

But the Justice Department says the GPS device is no different from a beeper authorities used, with the high court's blessing in 1983, to help track a suspect to his drug lab. The court said then that people on public roads have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

The Justice Department said GPS devices are especially useful in early stages of an investigation, when they can eliminate the use of time-consuming stakeouts as officers seek to gather evidence.

Other appeals courts have ruled that search warrants aren't necessary for GPS tracking.
The justices will be considering two related issues, whether a warrant is needed before installing the device or using the GPS technology to track a vehicle.

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 November 14 - New D.C. Episcopal Bishop Seeks to 'Build Up the Liberal Church'
 Article: Perilous Times

The Rev. Mariann Budde, the newly consecrated and seated bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, wants to make a stronger voice for progressive Christians. "I want to build up the liberal church again so we can be a legitimate conversation partner in the public arena religiously," said Budde to the Washington Post's Michelle Boorstein.

Budde stated that she believed this "public arena" is presently "dominated by evangelical Christians and what many would call the Christian right, and I would agree. It's legitimate for them to be there, but they're drowning us out," said Budde.

In talking with the Washington Examiner, Budde spoke of supporting "full inclusion of gay and lesbian people in every aspect of the life of the church and of our society. My guess is that in five to 10 years this issue would be behind us, I really do," she told the Examiner.

MacKinnon said that as rector at St. John's, Budde helped develop "a number of outreach, inclusion and social justice ministries."

Robert Lundy, communications officer for the AAC, took exception to Budde's statement that she wants "to build up the liberal church." "What happened to building up Christ's Church?" Lundy asked CP, adding that he considered the statement to be "ridiculous."

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 November 22 - Malls track shoppers' cell phones on Black Friday
 Article: One World Government

Attention holiday shoppers: your cell phone may be tracked this year.

Starting on Black Friday and running through New Year's Day, two U.S. malls -- Promenade Temecula in southern California and Short Pump Town Center in Richmond, Va. -- will track guests' movements by monitoring the signals from their cell phones. While the data that's collected is anonymous, it can follow shoppers' paths from store to store.

The goal is for stores to answer questions like: How many Nordstrom shoppers also stop at Starbucks? How long do most customers linger in Victoria's Secret? Are there unpopular spots in the mall that aren't being visited?

While U.S. malls have long tracked how crowds move throughout their stores, this is the first time they've used cell phones. But obtaining that information comes with privacy concerns. The management company of both malls, Forest City Commercial Management, says personal data is not being tracked.

"We won't be looking at singular shoppers," said Stephanie Shriver-Engdahl, vice president of digital strategy for Forest City. "The system monitors patterns of movement. We can see, like migrating birds, where people are going to."

The tracking system, called FootPath Technology, works through a series of antennas positioned throughout the shopping center that capture the unique identification number assigned to each phone (similar to a computer's IP address), and tracks its movement throughout the stores.

Now, U.S. retailers including JCPenney (JCP, Fortune 500) and Home Depot (HD, Fortune 500) are also working with Path Intelligence to use their technology, Biggar said.

Some retail analysts say the new technology is nothing to be worried about. Malls have been tracking shoppers for years through people counters, security cameras, heat maps and even undercover researchers who follow shoppers around.

But some industry analysts worry about the broader implications of this kind of technology. "Most of this information is harmless and nobody ever does anything nefarious with it," said Sucharita Mulpuru, retail analyst at Forrester Research. "But the reality is, what happens when you start having hackers potentially having access to this information and being able to track your movements?"

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 November 30 - Catholics, Orthodox must pursue new evangelization together, Pope tells Patriarch
 Article: One World Religion

Comment from Understand the Times:
The pope is calling for the Orthodox Church to work together with him to spread the gospel. While this may sound like a genuine effort to lead people to the real Savior, Jesus Christ, there is reason to ask some questions if this New Evangelization program is 100% biblical. The answer is that it is not. The Orthodox gospel and the Roman Catholic gospel is based on tradition and extra-biblical ideas that place Mary in a position as co-redeemer.
In a message of greeting to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Pope Benedict XVI said that Catholics and Orthodox must work together to bear witness to the Gospel in increasingly secularized societies.

Pope Benedict sent a personal message to Patriarch Bartholomew I for the feast of St. Andrew, the patron of the Constantinople see, and for the 20th anniversary of Bartholomew's election as Patriarch. Cardinal Kurt Koch, the president of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, led a Vatican delegation to Istanbul to join in celebrating the feast.

After meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew, the Vatican delegation joined in a liturgical celebration, at which the papal message was read aloud. In it the Pontiff said that he thanks God "for having allowed me to strengthen the bonds of sincere friendship and true brotherhood which unite us."

The Pope went on to say that Catholic and Orthodox leaders face the same challenges in a secularized society. "Announcing the mystery of salvation through the death and resurrection of Christ needs to undergo deep renewal in many regions which once accepted the light but are now suffering the effects of secularization which impoverishes man in his deepest dimension," he said.

The Vatican annually sends a delegation to join with the Ecumenical Patriarch in celebrating his patronal feast, just as the Orthodox leader sends delegates to Rome for the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.

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 October 19 - EmTech: Get Ready for a New Human Species
 Article: Cloning And Genetic Engineering

The ability to engineer life is going to spark a revolution that will dwarf the industrial and digital revolutions, says Juan Enriquez,, a writer, investor, and managing director of Excel Venture Management. Thanks to new genomics technologies, scientists have not only been able to read organisms' genomes faster than ever before, they can also write increasingly complex changes into those genomes, creating organisms with new capabilities.

Enriquez, who spoke at Technology Review's EmTech conference on Tuesday, says our newfound ability to write the code of life will profoundly change the world as we know it. Because we can engineer our environment and ourselves, humanity is moving beyond the constraints of Darwinian evolution. The result, he says, may be an entirely new species.

Technology Review senior editor Emily Singer spoke with Enriquez after his talk.

TR: Why do you think there is going to be a new human species?

Juan Enriquez: The new human species is one that begins to engineer the evolution of viruses, plants, animals, and itself. As we do that, Darwin's rules get significantly bent, and sometimes even broken. By taking direct and deliberate control over our evolution, we are living in a world where we are modifying stuff according to our desires.

How is this impending revolution going to shape the world?

People think this technology will just change pharma or biotech, but it's much bigger than that. For example, it's already changing the chemical industry. Forty percent of Dupont's earnings today come from the life sciences. It's going to change everything; it will change countries, who's rich and who's poor. It's going to create new ethics.

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 November 30 - Pope approves Diocese buying Crystal Cathedral
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The :Last Days

Comment from Understand the Times:
The Jesuit plan to bring the separated brethren back to the mother of all churches has taken a giant leap forward. One of the best known megachurches in the world has been bought up by the Vatican as another monument for the Vicar of Rome. What has just happened is the beginning as many more churches will end up in financial ruin only to be bought up by the pope and for the purpose of the New Evangelization.
The Pope has signed off on a plan by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange to buy the shimmering Crystal Cathedral.

The Orange County Register ( http://bit.ly/ukDoBp) reports Wednesday that the approval was the final hurdle for the diocese to buy the sprawling property for $57.5 million for use as a countywide cathedral.

The diocese beat out Orange County's Chapman University in a bidding war for the glass-paned building on the site that is home to the "Hour of Power" televangelist program.

The Crystal Cathedral sold the property after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year.

A federal bankruptcy court judge approved the sale on Nov. 17. A number of churchgoers wanted the university to buy the property and let them continue to worship there.

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 December 2 - Papal preacher focuses on Christian duty to evangelize
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from Understand the Times:
Raniero Cantalamessa in not only the preacher to the pope, he also speaks at Alpha leadership conferences in England for Nicky Gumbel where he teaches on such topics as the importance of Mary and the sacraments. The sacrament of the Eucharist is the core of the Roman Catholic faith.
What is also interesting is that Brian Brodersen, assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa has met with Gumbel in the past and discussed how they can work together according to board member Rob Yardley.
So if Gumbel has joined with Rome through Raniero Cantalamessa, then this would mean that Brodersen and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa has joined hands with Rome and the New Evangelization program as well.
Something is not quite right with this scenario
Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the official preacher to the pontifical household, delivered the first in a series of Advent sermons on December 2, with Pope Benedict XVI among those in attendance.

The Capuchin preacher focused his attention on the need to spread the Good News of the Gospel. His Advent series is dedicated this year to evangelization, putting the calls for a "new evangelization" in the context of previous periods of notable missionary activity within the Church.

The Advent sermons are delivered on Fridays in the Redemptoris Mater chapel of the apostolic palace.

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