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The News In Review newsletter is a service provided by Understand The Times that is a compilation of the news articles previously posted on our site . Understand The Times does not endorse these events but rather is showing the church the current events.  The purpose of posting these articles is to warn the church of deception from a Biblical perspective.

 October 2 - Polish Catholics see miracle in communion wafer
 Article: Signs And Wonders

Roman Catholics in Poland gathered Sunday for a special Mass celebrating what they see as a miracle: the appearance on a communion wafer of a dark spot that they are convinced is part of the heart of Jesus.

The communion wafer in question developed a brown spot in 2008 after falling on the floor during a Mass in the eastern Polish town of Sokolka. Two medical doctors determined that the spot was heart muscle tissue, church officials have said.

Bialystok Archbishop Edward Ozorowski said during the Mass that in history, the "substance of Christ's body or blood has become available to the human senses, and this also happened in Sokolka. For God, nothing is impossible," Ozorowski said.

The dark-spotted wafer was carried aloft in a reliquary by a golden-robed priest in a procession and was put on display in the town's church of St. Anthony as about 1,000 faithful looked on, according to a report and footage carried by the TV station TVN.

The wafer was dropped by a priest celebrating communion in 2008. In accordance with church practice, the priest placed the wafer in water to dissolve it. Several days later a nun found that the wafer had not dissolved completely, and found a red mark on it. The nun's discovery sparked huge interest among the faithful in this deeply Roman Catholic country, sparking large numbers to flock to Sokolka. Though some believers consider the object miraculous, the Vatican is still examining the matter and has not yet officially decided whether to declare it a miracle, church spokesman Andrzej Debski said.


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 October 5 - 'If you get lost, take Mary's hand,' Cardinal Amato tells conference
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from Understand the Times:
Anyone reading the following article should be appalled by the "Christian" fiction that is being promoted. The Bible warns about doctrines of demons that will be presented in the last days. This is obviously one.
Cardinal Angelo Amato told attendees at a major Marian conference in Rome that "if you get lost, take the hand of Mary and she will lead you to Jesus."

"For conversion to Christ you must go to the Virgin Mary so that she leads us back to Him," he told the delegates, adding that Mary leads us to "drink from the cool waters of Jesus Christ."

The International Mariological Symposium is organized by the "Marianum" Pontifical Theological Faculty and takes place every two years. Its aim is to "foster studies on the Mother of God in the context of today."

"Marian studies have grown very well and are of high quality," he said, noting the high quality of conference contributors throughout the week.

"Mary acts in the world today in many different ways," explained Fr. Gian Matteo Roggio of the Marianum Pontifical Theological Faculty in remarks to CNA.

He explained that whenever Christ is manifested in the liturgy, then Mary is there too because "Mary is in Christ, she is in the body of Christ." Fr. Roggio said that Mary is also present today as a model of Christian life. "Mary acts also in the life of the believers, because she is an example."

"The meaning of Mary is not only for the believer. Because she was a woman of freedom, she is for all men and all women," he concluded.

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 October 7 - Presbyterian Church USA to Ordain First Gay Minister
 Article: Perilous Times

Scott Anderson, an official with the Wisconsin Council of Churches, is set to be the first openly homosexual man to be ordained a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) on Saturday.
"The decision to remove sexual conduct from PC(USA) ordination vows is symptomatic of a deeper, ongoing struggle within the church over the authority of holy scripture," said Presbyterian Action Committee Chairman Gary Green. "This action stands in contradiction to the PCUSA confessions of faith, which continue to teach that faithful Christians have the choice either to be faithful in marriage or chaste in singleness."
The ordination comes after a majority of presbyteries in the PC(USA) voted to remove the "fidelity/chastity" standard from the church constitution earlier this year. In July, the standard was changed from one that required either a single man to remain chaste or a married man to remain faithful to his wife, but the new requirement does not address guidance for sexual behavior, nor does it include a biblical reason for why non-marital sexual relationships are now acceptable for ordained ministers.

While the denomination's Book of Confessions still professes that sexual relations should be reserved for marriage between a man and a woman, its ambiguity is flexible enough so that those wishing to do so may ordain church leaders in same-sex or opposite-sex relationships outside of marriage.

However, not all members of the PCUSA agree with the move to ordain open homosexual ministers, and some feel the ordination goes against biblical teachings that homosexuality should be condemned. A conservative group within the Presbyterian denomination, Presbyterians for Renewal, stated the possibility of disassociating with the PC(USA) over conflicting beliefs.

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 October 6 - World facing worst financial crisis in history, Bank of England Governor says
 Article: One World Government

Sir Mervyn King was speaking after the decision by the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee to put 75billion of newly created money into the economy in a desperate effort to stave off a new credit crisis and a UK recession. Economists said the Bank's decision to resume its quantitative easing [QE], or asset purchase programme, showed it was increasingly fearful for the economy, and predicted more such moves ahead.
Sir Mervyn said the Bank had been driven by growing signs of a global economic disaster.
"This is the most serious financial crisis we've seen, at least since the 1930s, if not ever. We're having to deal with very unusual circumstances, but to act calmly to this and to do the right thing."
Announcing its decision, the Bank said that the eurozone debt crisis was creating "severe strains in bank funding markets and financial markets".

The Monetary Policy Committee [MPC] also said that the inflation-driven "squeeze on households' real incomes" and the Government's programme of spending cuts will "continue to weigh on domestic spending" for some time to come. The "deterioration in the outlook" meant more QE was justified, the Bank said.

Financial experts said the committee's actions would be a "Titanic" disaster for pensioners, savers and workers approaching retirement. Sir Mervyn suggested that was a price worth paying to save the economy from recession.

The Governor insisted that the MPC's decisions had been the correct response to events. "The world economy has slowed, America has slowed, China has slowed, and of course particularly the European economy has slowed," he said. "The world has changed and so has the right policy response."

The Bank's decision came after mounting political pressure from ministers worried that Sir Mervyn was not reacting urgently enough to the darkening global economic outlook.

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 October 5 - Worst Cambodian floods in a decade kill 167
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

Cambodia's worst floods in over a decade have killed 167 people, a disaster official said Wednesday, as efforts intensified to provide aid to tens of thousands of families.

Sixty-eight children were among those who died in nearly two months of flooding caused by heavy rainfall that has also seen the Mekong River overflow, said Keo Vy, spokesman for the National Committee for Disaster Management.

Some 300,000 hectares (740,000 acres) of rice paddies have been inundated and more than 23,000 families had to be evacuated to higher ground in provinces across the country, he added.

"The government and the Red Cross are giving the necessary help to those affected," Keo Vy said, adding that aid, including food deliveries, had so far reached 40,000 families.

He estimated that nearly 230,000 families across the impoverished nation had been affected by the unusually severe floods but he indicated the situation was under control.

In neighbouring Thailand, the worst monsoon floods in decades have left more than 220 people dead.

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 October 7 - FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service
 Article: One World Government

The FBI by mid-January will activate a nationwide facial recognition service in select states that will allow local police to identify unknown subjects in photos, bureau officials told Nextgov.

The federal government is embarking on a multiyear, $1 billion dollar overhaul of the FBI's existing fingerprint database to more quickly and accurately identify suspects, partly through applying other biometric markers, such as iris scans and voice recordings.

Often law enforcement authorities will "have a photo of a person and for whatever reason they just don't know who it is [but they know] this is clearly the missing link to our case," said Nick Megna, a unit chief at the FBI's criminal justice information services division. The new facial recognition service can help provide that missing link by retrieving a list of mug shots ranked in order of similarity to the features of the subject in the photo.

Today, an agent would have to already know the name of an individual to pull up the suspect's mug shot from among the 10 million shots stored in the bureau's existing Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System. Using the new Next-Generation Identification system that is under development, law enforcement analysts will be able to upload a photo of an unknown person; choose a desired number of results from two to 50 mug shots; and, within 15 minutes, receive identified mugs to inspect for potential matches. Users typically will request 20 candidates, Megna said. The service does not provide a direct match.

Thomas E. Bush III, who helped develop NGI's system requirements when he served as assistant director of the CJIS division between 2005 and 2009, said, "The idea was to be able to plug and play with these identifiers and biometrics." Law enforcement personnel saw value in facial recognition and the technology was maturing, said the 33-year FBI veteran who now serves as a private consultant.

NGI's incremental construction seems to align with the White House's push to deploy new information technology in phases so features can be scrapped if they don't meet expectations or run over budget.

In addition, Patel said she is concerned about the involvement of local police in information sharing for federal immigration enforcement purposes. "The federal government is using local cops to create a massive surveillance system," she said.

Bush said, "We do have the capability to search against each other's systems," but added, "if you don't come to the attention of law enforcement you don't have anything to fear from these systems."

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 October 3 - 2011 Sets New Record for Federal Disaster Declarations
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

The year 2011 will go down as a record-setting year when it comes to federal disaster declarations, industry analysts say.
With another three months left in 2011, and hurricane season continues until November 30, the number of federal disaster declarations already exceeds 2010's record, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

"The federal government issued 86 disaster declarations as of September 30, breaking the previous annual U.S. record total of 81, which was set just last year," said Dr. Robert Hartwig, an economist and president of the I.I.I. "The number of U.S. disaster declarations has been trending sharply upward, particularly over the past 15 years," he said. The average number of disaster declarations between 1953 and 2010 was 34 per year.

"We're likely to see nearly three times that many by year-end 2011," Hartwig said, noting that the increase in recent years was due both to growth in the actual number of catastrophes, as well as to an apparent increase in the propensity to issue federal disaster declarations.

The NCDC list, in chronological order, included:

* The Groundhog Day Blizzard (Jan. 29 - Feb. 3): This large winter storm impacted numerous central, eastern and northeastern states, and brought Chicago to a virtual standstill.

* Midwest/Southeast Tornadoes (April 4 - 5): Forty-six tornadoes swept a total of 10 central and southern states.

* Southeast/Midwest Tornadoes (April 8 - 11): Fifty-nine tornadoes are believed to have formed within this timeframe, hitting nine central and southern states.

* Midwest/Southeast Tornadoes (April 14 - 16): About 160 tornadoes are estimated to have hit 10 states in the central and southeastern portions of the U.S.

* Southeast/Ohio Valley/Midwest Tornadoes (April 25 - 30): More than 300 tornadoes caused 327 deaths in the U.S. in late April, with 240 of the fatalities occurring in Alabama. Twelve other central and southern states were also impacted adversely by a series of tornadoes that caused nearly $7 billion in insured losses.

* Midwest/Southeast Tornadoes (May 22 - 27): The EF-5 tornado which struck Joplin, Missouri on May 22 is the single deadliest tornado to strike the U.S. since "modern tornado record keeping began in 1950," the NCDC observed. Fourteen other central and southern states were hit by this tornado outbreak in late May.

* Southern Plains/Southwest Drought, Heat Wave and Wildfires (Spring-Summer): Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, southern Kansas, western Arkansas and Louisiana were the regions of the U.S. hardest hit by these conditions.

* Mississippi River Flooding (Spring-Summer): Unusually heavy rains, combined with a melting snowpack, caused severe flooding along the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

* Upper Midwest Flooding (Spring-Summer): These floods prompted the evacuation of nearly 11,000 people in Minot, North Dakota, as the Souris River overflowed. Numerous levees were breached along the Missouri River, flooding thousands of acres of farmland, as well.

* Hurricane Irene (Aug. 20 - 29): Irene made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane, and moved northward up the Atlantic seaboard, causing major flooding in New Jersey, upstate New York, and Vermont. The insurance claims payouts resulting from Irene's journey up the East Coast are estimated at up to $6 billion, according to risk modelers.

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 October 4 - Putin proposes setting up 'Eurasian Union' of former Soviet nations
 Article: One World Government

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has proposed forming a "Eurasian Union" of former Soviet nations, saying the bloc could become a major global player competing for influence with the United States, the European Union and Asia. Putin, who has lamented the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union as the "greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century," denied that his proposal represents an attempt to rebuild the Soviet empire.

But he said in an article published Tuesday in the daily Izvestia that the new alliance should emerge as "one of the poles of the modern world, serving as an efficient link between Europe and the dynamic Asia-Pacific region."

"There is no talk about rebuilding the USSR in one way or another," Putin said. "It would be naive to try to restore or copy something that belongs to the past, but a close integration based on new values and economic and political foundation is a demand of the present time."

"We aren't going to stop at that and are putting forward an ambitious task of reaching a new, higher level of integration with the Eurasian Union,"
Putin said. "Along with other key players and regional structures, such as the European Union, the United States, China and the Asia Pacific Economic Community, it should ensure stability of global development."

Some observers said that Putin's article heralds what could become a top policy goal after his return to presidency. "From the geopolitical viewpoint it represents an attempt to revive the USSR," Alexander Dugin, a political scholar and a longtime proponent of Russian expansionism, said in comments in online news agency Nakanune.

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 October 6 - Hoping for a Miracle: Hundreds Visit Holy Icon
 Article: Signs And Wonders

A prayer service in the middle of day brought hundreds to a Stark County Church Thursday to see a holy icon. They came looking for healing and hoping for a miracle.

Our Lady of Iveron icon was brought to the St. George Serbian Orthodox Church. Believers say the image of the Virgin Mary holding the Christ Child is responsible for numerous physical and spiritual healings.

The icon was found on a book shelf in a chapel in Hawaii -- with Myrrh, a fragrant oil -- streaming from her face. It was officially recognized as miraculous in 2008 by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Father Dragan Filipovic, of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church, says the icon serves as an intercessor. "The blessed mother hopefully will take those prayers to her son and him respond to those prayers," Fr. Filipovic said.

Our Lady of Iveron icon has traveled to more than 250 Orthodox churches throughout the U.S. and Canada. It has been venerated by about 250,000 people of various faiths. The message the icon leaves, wherever the image of the Virgin Mary goes, is that the greatest miracle is the change in one's heart.

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