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The News In Review newsletter is a service provided by Understand The Times that is a compilation of the news articles previously posted on our site . Understand The Times does not endorse these events but rather is showing the church the current events.  The purpose of posting these articles is to warn the church of deception from a Biblical perspective.

 September 7 - Ahmadinejad Describes Introduction of New World Order as Main Mission of Iran
 Article: One World Government

Comment from Understand the Times:
Would you trust a man who says exactly the opposite of how he behaves? The president of Iran has called for the complete destruction of Israel. If this is the New World Order that Ahmadinejad is calling for, then it won't be long until we see God's supernatural hand wipe out those who plan to wipe out Israel. See Ezekiel chapter 38

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad underlined the Islamic Revolution's influence on the world nations and their rise against tyrannical rulers, and said introducing the new world order is the main mission of Iran.

"The most important mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to introducing an alternative world order to the people of the world," Ahmadinejad said, addressing a gathering of Iran's cultural attachés in 80 countries here in Tehran today.

"Today, we should present a desirable world order against the inhuman and materialistic order dominating the world today," Ahmadinejad stated.

He pointed to the recent popular uprisings in the region and other political developments in the world, and stated that the message of the Islamic Revolution and the alternative world order presented by Iran have instigated a change in the thoughts and will of the world nations today.

President Ahmadinejad has on many occasion underlined the necessity and need for the establishment of a new world order, saying that the current unjust order has failed to resolve global problems and, thus, reached its end. He added that corrupt rulers are trying to maintain their power through intimidation, pressure, misinformation and propaganda campaign.

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 September 7 - Mexican cardinal remembers John Paul II's call to fidelity
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico City recently noted that Blessed John Paul II's call to "fidelity to Christ in his Church" is being repeated as the late Pope's relic is being venerated in the country.

"Today we rejoice at welcoming to our Cathedral of Mexico City the relic and spiritual presence of Blessed John Paul II, a model of the Good Shepherd and a powerful intercessor of our Church. For 32 years his presence has been in this place and the memory remains alive in our minds and hearts," the cardinal said. The relic of John Paul II is on display at the Cathedral of Mexico City through Sept. 9.

He also recalled the late pontiff's love for Our Lady of Guadalupe. During his last visit to Mexico for the canonization of Juan Diego, John Paul II was very excited despite his physical limitations and poor health, Cardinal Rivera said. "What could separate us from the love of Christ and his Church? His testimony told us: 'Nothing, because it is when I am weak that I am strong,'" the cardinal added.

"The loving memories and warm sentiments we experienced during each of John Paul II's visits run together. We thank our Holy Father Benedict XVI with all our hearts for the rapid beatification of our 'Mexican Pope,'" Cardinal Rivera said.

He concluded by praying for John Paul II's intercession that Mexico be faithful to its Christian roots and that "peace and justice become a reality in our nation."

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 September 7 - As wildfires rage across Texas, feds take control and scuttle volunteer firefighters
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

As fires raged across central Texas for the past three days, local citizens sprang into action to protect their lives and property. Local churches opened their doors and began hosting refugees left homeless by the fires which have now destroyed more than 1,000 homes and 100,000 acres across the state in just the past week. Several branches of the YMCA also began hosting families with children, and a public school in Bastrop County opened its doors to serve as an emergency relief center.

Hundreds of firefighters from all the surrounding counties worked two days and nights in a heroic effort to contain the fires, but high winds Sunday night and all day Monday thwarted their efforts. So the call went out for more volunteer firefighters to join the effort from across the state.

RealNewsReporter.com is now reporting that volunteer firefighters who had in some cases driven all night to reach Bastrop county were turned away by the feds, who claimed that since local officials never made a "formal request" for volunteers, the volunteers could not be "activated."

So while Bastrop County burns from 40+ fires that are still raging, the federal government is actually telling volunteer firefighters to go home.

"We were at the station getting set up into strike teams, and this guy came up and said that the U.S. Forest Service had 'assumed control of the situation, and that If you don't have a vehicle that squirts water, go home,' said Gordon Greer of Kirbyville, in a RealNewsReporter article. Gordon reportedly drove all night Monday to arrive in Bastrop and take part in the firefighting effort. "You've got guys who had driven all night long from Corpus Christi and Brownsville on their own dime, and they turned them away," he said.

· Two fatalities have been reported so far: A young mother and her 18-month-old daughter were killed in Gladewater due to the wildfires there.

· Total property damage from the fire is now estimated at $100 million according to the Insurance Council of Texas.
· 85 fires are still burning across Texas. There is a rumor that at least one Texas fire was started by arson (the fire in Leander), but this has not been confirmed.

· The winds died down significantly all day Tuesday, greatly slowing the spread of the fires. Low winds are also expected to hold out Wednesday. The severe drought conditions in Texas have made the state a fire tinderbox, and any wind over 5-10 mph could easily cause these fires to spread out of control once again (actually, they're still not even 10% contained, so they're not "in control" at all

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 September 8 - Be aware of the problems of organ printing and the future of artificial biology
 Article: Cloning And Genetic Engineering

Organ printing, or the process of engineering tissue via 3D printing, possesses revolutionary potential for organ transplants. But do sociological consequences follow? Organ printing offers help to those in need of immediate organ transplants and other emergency situations, but it also pushes the medical establishment towards utilizing artificial biology as an immediate means of treatment over sound nutrition and preventative treatment. The hasty technological advancement towards organ printing is offering surgery-happy medical establishments even more ways to use invasive medical practices.

The creation process of artificial tissue is a complex and expensive process. In order to build 3D structures such as a kidney or lung, a printer is used to assemble cells into whichever shape is wanted. For this to happen, the printer creates a sheet of bio-paper which is cell-friendly. Afterwards, it prints out the living cell clusters onto the paper. After the clusters are placed close to one another, the cells naturally self-organize and morph into more complex tissue structures. The whole process is then repeated to add multiple layers with each layer separated by a thin piece of bio-paper. Eventually, the bio-paper dissolves and all of the layers become one.

To get a further understanding of the methodology, it is important to understand the current challenges that go along with 'printing' artificial organs to be used in human bodies. As of now, scientists are only able to produce a maximum of about 2 inches of thickness. "When you print something very thick, the cells on the inside will die -- there's no nutrients getting in there -- so we need to print channels there and hope that they become blood vessels", explains Thomas Boland, an associate professor at Clemson University.

Blood vessels feed organs in the body, keeping them alive and working. Without blood vessels, the organ cannot function. This is the problem scientists are currently facing with organ printing.

Using the patient's own cells as a catalyst, artificial organs may soon become mainstream practice among treatment centers worldwide. As the health of the nation delves down to record negatives, organ printing may be the establishment's answer to a number of preventable conditions.

Organ printing is relatively new, and the idea of printing new organs sounds very much like science fiction. But it is on its way to becoming a reality. It is more than just a possibility that 50 years from now people will be walking around with a new lung printed in a lab.

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 September 8 - A Record Year for Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

With 2011 not even three-quarters complete, the year is shaping up as one of the costliest ever in terms of weather disasters.
So far, there have been 10 separate natural disasters with economic losses of $1 billion or more, according to Chris Vaccaro, spokesman for the National Weather Service. That's the most since the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration began tracking the cost of weather disasters in 1980.

There have been costlier years than 2011, mostly due to single extraordinary disasters like Hurricane Katrina in 2005. But this already ranks among the top 25 percent all time, said Vaccaro, and hurricane season isn't even half over.

There are myriad explanations for this year's record number of billion-dollar weather disasters - from a blizzard that stretched from late January to after Groundhog Day, to an outbreak of more 100 tornadoes in April, to flooding in spring and summer, to Hurricane Irene last month and the Texas wildfires this month.

Jeff Masters, co-founder of and director of meteorology for Weather Underground, comes down on the side of warming. At a news conference Wednesday, he explained that a "warmer atmosphere has more energy to power storms." He warned that, "Years like 2011 may become the new normal in the United States in coming decades."

That does not bode well for the U.S. economy. Weather disasters have caused more than $40 billion in losses so far this year. And it's not inconceivable that those losses could grow to nearly twice as much by the time hurricane season is over.

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 August 31 - Bioengineering Methuselah - Human beings living to be 150?
 Article: Cloning And Genetic Engineering

Reflecting on the Paris exposition of 1900, Henry Adams admitted to being overwhelmed by the new technologies on display. He was awed in particular by the electricity-generating dynamo. One wonders what he would make of the technologies described by Sonia Arrison in her new book "100 Plus."

"We are at the cusp of a revolution in medicine and biotechnology," Ms. Arrison announces,
"that will radically increase not just our life spans but also, and more importantly, our health spans." This revolution will "change everything, from careers and relationships to family and faith."

Consider tissue engineering, in which human organs, grown from scratch or rebuilt in a laboratory, are transplanted into sick humans.

Scientists across the world, Ms. Arrison says, are working on engineering close to two dozen different human organs in the lab, including bladders, lungs and hearts. Progress is slow, and it might be decades before bioengineered organs are commonplace, but the trend-line is clear. The quest for longevity is an old one, of course, from Ponce de León's Floridian adventures to Benjamin Franklin's wondering whether he should have his body preserved in a cask of Madeira wine to "be recalled to life at any period, however distant." Ms. Arrison entertainingly chronicles efforts to conquer aging and death from antiquity to today. Food, sex, exercise and alchemy have all been employed to keep the grim reaper at bay. But technology offers the most plausible route, she says, noting that biology and computing are drawing ever closer together with the sequencing of the human genome.

What is more, technology heavyweights are paying attention, including Bill Gates (if he were a teenager today, Mr. Gates once said, he'd be "hacking biology") and Jeff Bezos ("atom by atom we'll assemble small machines that will enter cell walls and make repairs"). Larry Ellison, of Oracle, started a foundation more than a decade ago to support anti-aging research; the institution donates about $42 million a year.

Noting that similar worries have been raised whenever technology alters social conditions,
Ms. Arrison argues that apocalyptic prophecies are unlikely to be realized. Increasing wealth and mankind's adaptability and ingenuity mean that as new problems emerge, new solutions will be forthcoming.
"In looking at the trends of history," she says, "we can see that even when there are downsides to a particular wealth- or health-enhancing technology, the problem is often fixed once the population reaches a point where it feels secure in spending the resources to do so."

Ms. Arrison's sunny outlook is infectious, and surely mankind does have remarkable powers of problem-solving and adaptation. But one can't help wishing, a bit ahead of time, for some wise counsel from one of those 150-year-olds she envisions, who might be able to tell us whether all the effort and all the dreaming were worth it.

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 September 4 - Signs of the Times: Surveillance Watching the US?
 Article: One World Government

Sept. 11 turned much of the West into a high surveillance society. And hi-tech devices could soon enable the government to track our lives more than we'd like. Surveillance may not be at the level that author George Orwell wrote about in 1984, where "big brother" could see and control all. But experts say the tools are being forged to create such a world.

"We're talking Little Brother now, and we're talking Big Brother down the road," said Michael Ostrolenk, national director of the Liberty Coalition.

Attempts to track terrorists and illegal immigrants have led to massive new efforts to identify people, using their body's unique fingerprints, facial characteristics and iris patterns. A program called Real ID would marry this "biometric" information with a person's driver's license, making it easier to track. "It would require all states to conform to national standards for your driver's license," Ostrolenk explained. "So it basically creates a national identity card."

The E-Verify system has also been proposed to boot illegal immigrants out of the American workplace. But both Ostrolenk and Stepanovich object to its overreach. "E-Verify is kind of the government inserting itself between an employer and an employee," Stepanovich said. "The employer must collect certain types of information and send it over to the government." The government will check verification databases and let the employer know if they can hire or keep the worker. "But you should never have to seek permission from the federal government to be employed," Ostrolenk said. "Or for an employer to hire a new person."

And Stepanovich says the databases are filled with errors. "So people are being rejected for employment or they lose the employment they already have based on information in the system that may or may not be true," she added.

Some government programs and cities are making this RFID "chipping" mandatory. And it's now becoming more acceptable to use biometrics and RFIDs on people.

Supporters say this chipping could help track lost or kidnapped children, or Alzheimer's patients who wander off. But they can also be used to control a person's actions. One Florida school is requiring students to have their biometrics checked before they get food from the cafeteria. And a Miami university hospital has embedded microchips to track whether medical workers are washing their hands.

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 September 6 - Cardinal Proposes Eucharistic Solution for Economic Problem
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Amid worldwide grappling with the economic crisis, Benedict XVI's representative at Italy's 25th National Eucharistic Congress is proposing the Eucharist as an invitation to solidarity.
Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re opened the congress in Ancona on Sunday. He said that for today's society, marked as it is with "so much egoism," the Eucharist is "an appeal for openness toward others, to be able to love and to be able to forgive."
The Eucharist "is an invitation to solidarity and commitment to the poor, the suffering, the little ones, the marginalized," the cardinal reflected. "It is light to recognize the face of Christ in the face of our brothers. To acknowledge Christ in the Holy Host, in fact, leads to being able to see him also in our brothers and it opens our hearts to go out to meet every poverty."
In this light, Cardinal Re presented the Eucharist as light for service to the common good and the contribution that Christians are called to make to social and political life. He expressed hopes that the Eucharistic Congress could be an "occasion to find in Christ the strength that changes life and society."
The Eucharist is "the great engine of Christian life: it is encouragement to remake the Christian fabric of society and to educate to the 'good life of the Gospel'; it is the point of departure for the hoped for New Evangelization, capable of infusing behavior, culture and the whole of life with evangelical contents," he said.
"Also in this world of ours, distracted and busy, perhaps there are not a few persons who, unwittingly, are seeking God, because they feel the need for something more than the material goods they possess and the success they attained in their profession," Cardinal Re stated. And this Eucharistic Congress is to remind people precisely that "in addition to material bread, which is necessary to live, there is another bread that the human heart needs; a bread that comes from heaven, a bread that is Christ himself, who gives himself to us."

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 September 7 - A culture of peace: Honouring the anniversary of 11 September 2001
 Article: Ecumenical Movement - Misc.

Ten years ago, thousands of people from more than 90 countries were killed in a coordinated assault on targets in the United States of America. These events on 11 September 2001 and the consequences of what happened that day - including wars centered in Afghanistan and Iraq - deeply scarred the first decade of the 21st century and have left a legacy of pain, grief, disorder and enmity.

Terrorism in all its forms - whether committed by individuals, groups or states - is to be condemned. But one may reasonably ask how best to respond. Perpetrators should be brought to justice and security measures devised to prevent the repetition of such trauma. Many of us remain convinced that nonviolence can be the most helpful long-term response to violence and the most effective means toward a lasting peace based on justice.

We in the ecumenical movement have dedicated ourselves to dialogue among people of different faiths, and in this context especially to dialogue among Christians, Jews and Muslims. There is great power and importance in religion, yet on this anniversary we must admit that belief can be twisted and perverted to fuel hatred, terror and war. The World Council of Churches is preparing for its 10th Assembly in 2013 and has adopted an assembly theme in the form of a prayer: "God of life, lead us to justice and peace." Life, justice and peace are high ideals in every religion deserving of the name, and we appeal to religious leaders and people of goodwill to join us in building strong relationships based on human dignity and mutual respect.

In October 2001, the World Council of Churches commissioned an ecumenical "Living Letters" team to visit the United States and help to comfort its grieving people. At the conclusion of this visit, the team spoke in a pastoral letter of building "a culture of peace". On this anniversary we re-dedicate ourselves to dialogue and cooperation in search of Just Peace. Establishing peace is the surest path to true victory over those who on 11 September, 2001 sought to inaugurate an era of division and death. Together, let us proclaim that their aims have been rejected.

As Jesus taught, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted" ... and, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." God of life, lead us to justice and peace! Amen.

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit
General secretary
World Council of Churches

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 September 8 - Organic churches offer alternative to traditional service
 Article: Emerging Church

As God builds his church, sometimes he does it in a home, a park or a pizzeria, said LIndsay Cofield, director of multi-housing/organic churches for the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Cofield assists and mobilizes the birth, growth and development of organic churches across the state, he said.

He described an organic church as one detached from the conventional concept of a traditional church. Organic churches typically exhibit a much more informal setting and meet in homes, apartments, recreation centers and other locations.

Cofield said just as Christians point to verses like John 3:16 to grasp the essence and meaning of salvation, organic churches do the same with the definition of a church.

Organic churches often provide a place for "overlooked people" - those who may not attend a larger institution but would be more open to participating in an organic church setting, Cofield said.

Cofield said since an organic church is generally smaller, it is more relational and community-based.

"Oftentimes, we go to larger churches just to fade into the background, and people can go to church, and not go to Church," she said. "The Church - capital C - is meant to be about intertwining with people and being in community."

This summer, the Hortons branched out to open their home to people who may not have found the larger institution church yet. Amanda called it a "God thing," because the response to their invitation was overwhelming.

To represent a true church, Cofield said, people have to love God, love others and be passionate about making disciples. He listed five functions every church should have: fellowship, ministry, worship, evangelism and discipleship. Even in the larger institution churches, everything comes out of those five functions, he said.

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 September 5 - Tony Blair is godfather to Murdoch child
 Article: Miscellaneous

Former prime minister. Middle East envoy. Now Tony Blair is also revealed as godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch's daughters.

A person close to Blair confirmed Monday that the former British leader was the godfather of Grace Murdoch, now 9, when she and her younger sister Chloe were baptized at the River Jordan last year. British media reported that the October issue of Vogue, which carries an interview with Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng, disclosed Blair's role in the ceremony. The report of Blair's involvement in the baptism was not attributed to her.

Blair's presence at the event on the banks of the river -- claimed to be the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist -- underlined the political influence of Murdoch and News Corp., to which all British prime ministers since Margaret Thatcher have been attentive.

Murdoch's British newspapers endorsed Blair's Labour Party in three consecutive elections, but switched support last year to David Cameron, the current prime minister, and his Conservative Party.

In his memoirs published last year, Blair said he came to have "a grudging respect and even liking" for Murdoch despite their differences on Europe, social policy and gay rights.

Blair and Murdoch have yet another connection as fellow Roman Catholics. Murdoch has been honored as a papal knight, and Blair formally embraced the faith after leaving office in 2007.

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