October 4 - October 10, 2010 
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The News In Review newsletter is a service provided by Understand The Times that is a compilation of the news articles previously posted on our site . Understand The Times does not endorse these events but rather is showing the church the current events.  The purpose of posting these articles is to warn the church of deception from a Biblical perspective.

 May 27 - Poor Christians guided through ID card maze
 Article: Technologyu For Global Monetary System

Caritas Pakistan Karachi (CPK) has helped organize a mobile identity card application exercise for poor Christians, believed to be the first such initiative by the Catholic Church in the country.

On May 25 and 26, a van from the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) visited St. Monica's Catholic Church in Karachi, where 190 Christians, most of them Catholics, applied for national identity cards.

Parish priest Father Thomas Gulfam said that "applying for an identity card is difficult for daily-wage workers, so we thought of using a church venue to help them."

He said the initiative would benefit Christians in many ways, including making it easier for them to cast their votes, open bank accounts, meet government officials, and apply for jobs and licenses.

Shabbir Iftikhar, a Christian tailor, said he realized the importance of having an identity card when police interrogated him as he was returning from his shop late one night. "I didn't have any documents to prove my identity and thus had to answer many questions," he said.

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 October 5 - Snow hits farmers big time
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

Following a reasonably benign winter, the Southland region of New Zealand (NZ) has in the past week been hit by "the worst spring storm in living memory" according to the NZ Herald.
Six days of blizzards have caused deaths among new lambs numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and raised concern over the welfare of ewes yet to lamb.
Besides the effect of the cold weather itself, the continued snowfall has not allowed snow on the ground to thaw, making it much harder for stock to feed. This makes ewes about to lamb particularly susceptible to metabolic illnesses from a lack of nutrients.
Reportedly, lamb mortality in the area may be as high as 15% for some farmers. With average prices for lambs expected to be around NZ$80/head this season (NZ Herald), the financial loss to NZ producers will be significant, estimated to exceed NZ$50 million (NZ Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry).

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 October 7 - Coldest winter in 1,000 years on its way
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

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 May 14 - Global Crop Diversity Trust
 Article: Misc.

Comment from Understand The Times:
Understand the Times suggests you read the following four items in order to understand our times. Then read the Bible and find out that a man who trusts in man is like a bush in the desert. A man that trusts in God is like a tree planted by a stream of water. The majority of the human race trusts in man rather than God. (Jeremiah 17:5-8)

May 14 - Global Crop Diversity Trust
October 4 - Svalbard Doomsday Vault: Biopiracy by U. N. Treaty
September 2 - Secretary-General, Visiting Norway, Hails Seed Vault as 'Essential Global Insurance Policy' in Face of Daunting Food-Security Challenges
September 2 - UN chief visits 'doomsday' seed vault in Arctic


 September 26 - Iris Scanning Set To Secure City in Mexico, Then the World
 Article: Technology For Global Monetary System

The million-plus citizens of Leon, Mexico are set to become the first example of a city secured through the power of biometric identification. Iris and face scanning technologies from Global Rainmakers, Inc. will allow people to use their eyes to prove their identify, withdraw money from an ATM, get help at a hospital, and even ride the bus.  GRI's eye scanning systems aren't more secure than others on the market, but they are faster. Large archway detectors using infrared imaging can pick out 50 people per minute, even as they hustle by at speeds up to 1.5 meters per second (3.3 mph). The first phase of the Leon iris and face scanning project has already begun. It is estimated to cost around $5 million and focuses on law enforcement agencies' security check points. Over the next three years commercial uses will be rolled out with banks leading the charge.  Whether you're jealous or intimidated by Leon's adoption of widespread eye identification you should pay attention to the project - similar biometric checkpoints are coming to locations near you. Some are already in place.

When it comes to biometric identification, fingerprints are the most widespread and trusted technology. Yet they only contain a few dozen data points to link to your ID. Irises, in contrast, have around 2000 points of reference - enough to uniquely identify every person on Earth. Many companies have developed the means to take an iris scan and use these reference points to match them quickly to a database of scans.

This makes me believe GRI's implementation in Leon is eventually going to exceed anything we've seen before. Every other means of access (license, credit card, keys, etc) has the potential of being augmented or replaced by iris and face scanning. Get on a bus, pass security on the way into work, pay for a meal, order packages online - all without using anything besides your eye. The Leon project could make this futuristic world appear in just 3 to 5 years. That's incredible.

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 Singapore's MicroKit Could Screen for H1N1 While you Wait in Airport
 Article: Technology For Global Monetary System

The Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) in Singapore has developed an automated testing device that could enable mass screening for viruses in airports and other public places. The MicroKit requires a minimum of training to use: the operator simply pipettes a blood sample into a disposable cartridge and the machine does the rest.  According to the results recently published in the journal Lab on a Chip, the MicroKit can detect H1N1 (swine flu) as accurately as traditional lab techniques but in only two and half hours. This would make it possible to routinely test travelers in airports and customs stations to prevent epidemic outbreaks.

How will we use this new technology? IBN seems focused on the mass screenings of travelers, but there are equally important applications for third world testing. We could have custom agents collecting blood samples to stop the spread of H1N1 or the next scary flu virus, but that's going to be a privacy nightmare.

As the MicroKit continues to improve it has the potential to become an 'all in one' testing device. A single sample of blood, a single machine, and a few hours could tell you whether you have any number of diseases. That's damn cool.

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 October 8 - Poll: Protestant Support for Gay Marriage Rises
 Article: Perilous Times

A new poll on Wednesday revealed that support for same-sex marriage is growing among Americans.  Forty-two percent favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally, up from 37 percent last year, according to the Pew Research Center's latest survey.
Meanwhile, for the first time in 15 years, fewer than half oppose same-sex marriage. Forty-eight percent of Americans are now against same-sex couples marrying, a dip from 54 percent the previous year.

Notably, pluralities of white mainline Protestants and white Catholics now favor allowing same-sex marriage - another first for the Pew Research Center.

According to the poll, white mainline Protestants are more likely to support gay marriage (49 percent) than oppose it (38 percent). In the past two years, 49 percent had expressed opposition. Among those who attend church at least once a week, 35 percent favor gays and lesbians marrying.

A similar shift is seen among Catholics. While opinion was more evenly divided over the past two years, today 49 percent favor gay marriage and 41 percent oppose.

Sixty percent of Americans favor allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military while only 30 percent oppose it. Protestants are also more likely to support gays serving openly in the military (52 percent) than oppose it (37 percent). Evangelicals, meanwhile, are more likely to stand against it (47 percent) than favor it (43 percent).

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 October 8 - Rosary paves way for holiness, Argentinean bishop teaches
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Bishop Jorge Luis Lona of San Luis, Argentina encouraged the faithful this week to pray the Rosary because its "repetitive rhythm of praise and supplication, like a sort of spiritual breathing," helps one attain the gift of holiness.

In this sense, "that is what the Rosary is," as each one of its mysteries "is a repetitive rhythm of praise and supplication," he continued.  "In Mary, we praise the gift of God, God himself who gives us Jesus Christ. And through her, we pray to be able to receive him now and at the doorstep to eternity."

"God does not need our praise and prayers. We are the ones who need them," he continued, noting that the Marian prayer helps us understand that we are offering praise for the true good, "because if we lose that, we lose everything," the bishop added.

"It is the gift of the simplicity of a child, who learns to recognize and attain what is good at the side of his mother who loves him and in whose love he trusts.  This is the gift that God gives us each time we pray the Holy Rosary," Bishop Lona said.

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 October 8 - Is Hizbullah trying to take over Lebanon with Iran's help?
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Hizbullah and Iran now have a common interest in escalating tensions in the Middle East: Hizbullah, with the help of Iran, may be planning to stage a coup in Lebanon to cover up and divert attention from its role in the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's plan to visit Lebanon in the coming weeks should be seen in the context of Hizbullah's plot to take over the country.

Some Lebanese have gone as far as condemning the visit as a "provocation," noting that it would also raise tensions between Lebanon and Israel because of Ahmadinejad's plan to tour the border between the two countries.

The UN-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon is about to publish the results of its investigation into the killing of the former prime minister. According to reliable sources, the report is expected to hold Hizbullah responsible for the assassination.

Nawwaf al-Moussawi, a Hizbullah MP in the Lebanese parliament, warned that any Lebanese who accepted the international tribunal's indictment findings would be killed as a "collaborator" with Israel and the US.

According to reports from Lebanon, Hizbullah militiamen have been deployed in several "sensitive" locations throughout the country in preparation for overthrowing the government and taking over the entire country. Hizbullah's message to the world is: If you publish the truth - that we killed Hariri - we will seize control of Lebanon and turn it into another Iran."

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 October 5 - Mormon Prophecy Behind Glenn Beck's Message
 Article: Misc.

In one of his first appearances on Fox News, Glenn Beck sent a coded message to the nation's six million Mormons -- or at least those Mormons who believe in what the Latter-day Saints call "the White Horse Prophecy."

"We are at the place where the Constitution hangs in the balance," Beck told Bill O'Reilly on November 14, 2008, just after President Obama's election. "I feel the Constitution is hanging in the balance right now, hanging by a thread unless the good Americans wake up." The Constitution is hanging by a thread.

Most Americans would have heard this as just another bit of overblown commentary and thought nothing more of it. But to those familiar with the White Horse Prophecy, it was an unmistakable signal.

The phrase is often attributed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon Church. Smith is believed to have said in 1840 that when the Constitution hangs by a thread, elders of the Mormon Church will step in -- on the proverbial white horse -- to save the country.

"When the Constitution of the United States hangs, as it were, upon a single thread, they will have to call for the 'Mormon' Elders to save it from utter destruction; and they will step forth and do it," Brigham Young, Smith's successor as head of the church, wrote in 1855.

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 October 9 - Palestinians give U.S. one month to curb settlements
 Article: Israel And The Last Days

The Palestinians, backed by Arab powers, said on Saturday they would give the United States one month to persuade Israel to halt the building of settlements in the West Bank or risk the collapse of peace talks.

The message, issued at an Arab League meeting in Libya, represented a reprieve for Washington as it tries to salvage 5-week-old talks stalled over Israel's refusal to extend a settlement freeze on occupied land where Palestinians seek statehood.

Abbas's proposals included seeking U.S. and U.N. pledges of recognition for a future Palestine taking in all of the West Bank, and a threat by the president to step down over the impasse, diplomats said.

"We are giving the United States an opportunity to convince Israel to stop settlements. We are giving them a month which will be a period of political interaction between the United States and Israel," Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rdainah said.

The Palestinians say settlement growth on land occupied by Israel in 1967 will make the establishment of a viable Palestinian state impossible. They want to found their state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, with East Jerusalem as its capital. Israel quit Gaza in 2005 but insists on keeping all of Jerusalem -- its declared capital -- and swathes of West Bank settlements under any peace deal.

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 October 9 - Rick Warren Prepares Saddleback for Decade of Blessings
 Article: Misc.

Saddleback Church in Southern California is kicking off its "Decade of Destiny" this weekend in an effort to prepare the mega-congregation to receive showers of God's blessings.
I want the next ten years of your life to be the best 10 years of your life," Pastor Rick Warren told church attendees. "I want you to be more blessed and less stressed. I want God's blessing ... on every area of your life."

The Decade of Destiny is a two-month spiritual growth campaign that is aimed at moving Christians forward in their faith walk. Along with helping believers come to a position of being "blessable," the campaign will also lead the church to be a blessing to the community.

"God wants to bless you. He's not holding back. He's waiting on you. They're not automatic," he said of blessings. "There's a condition. ... God promises and actually guarantees that He will bless your life if you do what He says."

Over the next two months, Saddleback will host Friend Days to reach out to those who do not know Christ, partner with supermarket retailer Albertsons to raise over $1 million to help the poor, encourage Christians to launch small groups around the country, and host a civil forum featuring a live interview with former President George W. Bush.

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 October 9 - World economies vow to act to bolster IMF's role
 Article: One World Government

World finance leaders called on the IMF on Saturday to play a bigger role in supervising the global economy, keeping a close watch on currencies and rich countries' policies to prevent another financial crisis.

The International Monetary Fund's 187 member countries called for "evenhanded surveillance" and said uncovering vulnerabilities in advanced economies was a priority, potentially a major shift for the Fund, which has traditionally tread softly on giving advice to its biggest shareholders.

The United States, which has been pressing China aggressively to let its yuan rise faster, had urged nations to give the IMF more clout to referee currency disputes.

"Further action is urgently needed to reinforce the institution's role and effectiveness as a global body for macro-financial surveillance and policy collaboration," the IMF's steering committee said in a closing communiqué.

IMF members stopped short of formally endorsing in the communiqué an IMF proposal that would have established a multilateral surveillance program, an idea that drew mixed reviews from member countries.

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We hope the Weekly News In Review has been a blessing to you.

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