November 17 - November 23, 2008 
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 November 13 - Religions are messengers of peace and reconciliation, asserts cardinal
 Article: One World Religion

Comment from UTT
Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, spoke at the United Nations and promoted the gospel of working together for "common good" by working together with people of faith or of no faith. (This sounds strangely familiar in light of Rick Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan and Tony Blair's Faith Foundation Plan. Religious leaders are looking for ways to find a safer planet and a united world. While such efforts may sound wonderful, they are unrealistic in light of Scripture. 
.- Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, stressed in his speech to the 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York that "Religions, despite the weaknesses and contradictions of their members, carry a message of reconciliation and peace."

In his Wednesday speech on the theme, "Culture of Peace, the prelate stressed that the U.N., "by its nature and mission, should be a school of peace."  Here, we must "learn to think and act while always bearing in mind the legitimate interests of all sides." Member countries, he continued, "must strive to overcome the simplistic logic of the power of force and replace it with the power of law and the wisdom of peoples, becoming 'builders of peace'."

Therefore, he added, "in this demanding task, individual believers and communities of believers have their place and their role to play.  Religions, despite the weaknesses and contradictions of their members, carry a message of reconciliation and peace."

Having stressed that believers must be "coherent and credible," the Cardinal said that Christians "cannot use religion to attack freedom of conscience, justify violence, spread hatred and fanaticism or undermine political and religious authority."

He went on: "Believers, in contributing to public debate and participating in the societies to which they belong, feel themselves called to co-operate in promoting the common good, which rests on a platform of values shared by everyone, believers and non-believers alike: the sacredness of life and the dignity of human beings, respect for liberty of conscience and of religion, practice of responsible freedom, acceptance of different opinions, correct use of reason, appreciation for democratic life and care for natural resources, to mention but a few," he said.

Concluding his speech, Cardinal Tauran called on his audience to "find the path to a safer and more united world," without renouncing their "cultural and religious identity."  We cannot "rest content with mere tolerance and vague commitments, let us make fraternity more than an ideal, a reality! "

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 November 12 - Churches Push Forward with Ecumenical Vision
 Article: EcumenicaL Movement - Misc

Comment from UTT:
The pathway towards a global ecumenical movement with Rome as the epicenter continues to develop.
Representatives from across the denominational spectrum gathered in Delhi for the last four days to hash out a plan for the Global Christian Forum over the next three years. The Global Christian Forum programme, which opened on Saturday, took as its main focus the recommendations of last year's forum in Limuru, Kenya, and the reports of the evaluation process from 1998 to 2007 as delegates reflected on the needs of the global church and its vision for reaching out to people in the 21st century.

The gathering brought together sixty representatives of the historic Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Pentecostal and Evangelical movements to share their future goals and participate in forum discussions on nurturing a broader ecumenical movement.

Hubert van Beek, Secretary of the Global Christian Forum, told Christian Today: "With this meeting we will leave the experimental past and move into more visible ways in actively serving the global church."

The gathering, hosted by the Evangelical Fellowship of India, explored themes including evangelism, proselytism, mission and dialogue, and poverty and social justice.

The GCF meeting also finalised the formation of a partially renewed and enlarged GCF Committee that will assume its responsibilities for the year 2009. The new committee will consist of members appointed by the various global churches and church bodies at the forum, including the World Council of Churches.

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 November 18 - Kangaroo genes close to humans
 Article: Creation/Evolution - Creation/Evolution Debate

Comment from UTT:
Science is supposed to be based on facts, repeatable experiments and reality not on mythology. When one rejects the evidence for creation there is a tendency to come up with explanations for origins that are outright ridiculous. 
November 18 - Kangaroo genes close to humans
CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australia's kangaroos are genetically similar to humans and may have first evolved in China, Australian researchers said Tuesday.

Scientists said they had for the first time mapped the genetic code of the Australian marsupials and found much of it was similar to the genome for humans, the government-backed Center of Excellence for Kangaroo Genomics said.

"There are a few differences, we have a few more of this, a few less of that, but they are the same genes and a lot of them are in the same order," center Director Jenny Graves told reporters in Melbourne.

"We thought they'd be completely scrambled, but they're not. There is great chunks of the human genome which is sitting right there in the kangaroo genome," Graves said, according to AAP.

Humans and kangaroos last shared an ancestor at least 150 million years ago, the researchers found, while mice and humans diverged from one another only 70 million years ago.

Kangaroos first evolved in China, but migrated across the Americas to Australia and Antarctica, they said. "Kangaroos are hugely informative about what we were like 150 million years ago," Graves said.

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 November 20 - Israeli Air Force 'Ready for Iran's Nuclear Sites'
 Article: Israel And The Last Days

Comment from UTT:
The fact that the secular press is reporting that Israel is ready to take action against Iran should their nuclear program continue in the direction of the development of a nuclear weapon indicates the stage is being set for a major conflict in the middle east that the Bible foretells.

The Israeli Air Force is ready to attack Iran's suspected nuclear weapons project if diplomacy fails to persuade the Islamic Republic to halt uranium enrichment, said Commander Ido Nehushtan in an interview published Tuesday.

The news comes as the U.N. watchdog agency reports Iran is probably at the point of being capable of making a nuclear bomb.

"We are prepared and ready to do whatever Israel needs us to do and if this is the mission we're given then we are ready," Nehushtan told German magazine Der Spiegel.

A strike against Iran's nuclear facilities "is a political decision," the IAF commander said, "but if I understand it correctly, all options are on the table ... The Air Force is a very robust and flexible force. We are ready to do whatever is demanded of us."

The Jewish state, widely believed to have the Middle East's only atomic arsenal, has said it will not tolerate an Iranian nuclear bomb and has refused to rule out a military option.

Iran, which has repeatedly called for Israel's destruction, said on Tuesday it aimed to commission its first nuclear power plant in 2009. Tehran insists the program has only civilian aims.

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