October 20 - October 26, 2008 
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 October 17 - U.S.and EU to meet on financial crisis
 Article: One World Government

Comment from UTT:
The march towards a one world currency continues as the nations of the world begin to lay out the ground rules.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Consumer confidence and new-home construction plummeted, in further signs of deepening world financial crisis ahead of a meeting between U.S. President George W. Bush and European leaders.
Bush said government interventions to stop the crisis needed time to take effect, while even calls by famed investor Warren Buffett that it was time to buy U.S. stocks went unheeded by Wall Street.
Bush said he would continue "close consultations" with Europe at a meeting on Saturday with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and European Commission Pres ident Jose Manuel Barroso.
"Our European partners are taking bold steps. They show the world that we're determined to overcome this challenge together. And they have the full support of the United States," Bush said in a speech at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
But he did not specifically mention calls by European leaders this week to reform the financial system that the world has been operating under since 1944 and White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the U.S. focus was on the immediate crisis.
Writing in the Washington Post on Friday, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said post-World War II financial institutions were out of date.  "They have to be rebuilt for a wholly new era in which there is global, not national, competition and open, not closed, economies," he wrote.

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 October 15 - Synod Hears Explanation of Lectio Divina
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from UTT:
Lectio divina is another method that opens the door to doctrines of demons and the deception of many in the name of Christ.  While promoted as a means of bringing about spiritual revival by leaders in the Roman Catholic Church, this extrabiblical practice is rooted in eastern mysticism.
VATICAN CITY, OCT. 15, 2008 (Zenit.org).- Observers attest that the practice of lectio divina is a recommendation being made over and over by the synod fathers and auditors at the world Synod of Bishops.

The fourth step is the reading, or rather, the proclamation, of the Biblical text. Following the proclamation is a moment of silence so that each participant can personally reflect.

The participants read the passage again, marking it this time with exclamation points beside those verses that invite them to actions or changes of attitudes.

Finally, time is left for contemplation, aided by silence or music. What is important, the bishop said, is that "Jesus takes hold of me, looks at me and I at him, an exchange of gazes."

Thus, the participants move to the last stage, "action," writing a word (for example, dialogue or help) that indicates to them the path to follow and share.

These community activities are carried out over a span of three years, Bishop Silva explained. It does not pretend to be a Bible course, but rather, an encounter with Jesus in sacred Scripture. In Chile, he affirmed, the meetings have brought "moments of great communion."

The Sri Lankan prelate arrived to this conclusion: "The Church in the world today is facing serious threats from various 'isms' and in confronting this challenge, lectio divina is one way that is proven to be effective. In the words of our Holy Father: 'if lectio divina is effectively promoted this practice will bring to the Church -- I am convinced of it -- a new spiritual springtime.'"

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 October 15 - 'Third Jesus' Author to Discuss 'What Jesus Really Taught' in Web Series
 Article: New Age

Comment from UTT:
Chopra's Cosmic Christ (the third Jesus) in the name for another Jesus that will lead many to be deceived in the name of Christ.
The online radio series is set to begin Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET, according to Paula Coppel, vice president of Communications at Unity School of Christianity in Unity Village, Mo. Unity School of Christianity and its affiliated organizations, like author Deepak Chopra, have been criticized for their belief that Jesus was only a man who attained a higher mental state, among other controversial ideas.

"We came up with the idea for this series after Oprah Winfrey's successful webcasts last spring with Eckhart Tolle on his book 'A New Earth,'" said Coppel in a released statement, referring to another book that has drawn criticism from the conservative Christian community.

"The Web series contends that Jesus was not trying to start a new religion, nor was he aiming his teachings at some people and not others," Coppel added. "He was pointing the way for all of us to experience the awakening that he himself had experienced."

According to Chopra, there is not one Jesus, but three.

"First there is the historical Jesus, the man who lived more than two thousand years ago and whose teachings are the foundation of Christian theology and thought," he explains in his book. "Next there is Jesus, the Son of God, who has come to embody an institutional religion with specific dogma, a priesthood, and devout believers. Then there is the "third Jesus," says Chopra, "the cosmic Christ, the spiritual guide whose teaching embraces all humanity, not just the church built in his name."

"He speaks to the individual who wants to find God as a personal experience, to attain what some might call grace, or God-consciousness, or enlightenment," the author contends. Craig-Purcell sees the series as especially appealing to those who consider themselves "spiritual more than religious" as well as "Christians with questions."

Her organization, however, and the several other Unity groups founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore have been criticized for a number of teachings that conflict with orthodox Christianity, including the belief in reincarnation and the denial of heaven and hell's existence.

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 October 14 - A Monastic Kind of LifeHow Catholic religious communities are trying to attract young people again
 Article: Emerging Church

Comment from UTT:
The following article confirms emerging church ideas and their connection with the road to Rome.
The Catholic Church has always seen the contemplative life as the "Air Force" in its spiritual struggle, as the Rev. David Toups of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops commented-a conduit of spiritual power. Though the number of young people entering monasteries, convents, and the priesthood has drastically dropped from the mid-20th century, some new approaches to religious vocations have inspired some young people in America to embrace this idea, replenishing several of the older religious orders and filling new ones. One such community with a young population, nestled in the Ozarks, is a place that could symbolize Catholicism's true hope for renewal in our time. Founded in 1999, the Clear Creek Monastery has grown from 13 to 30 monks who are intent on building a community that will "last for a thousand years."
For a time, the life of Catholic religious orders became about social justice issues, psychological issues, peace studies, interreligious dialogue, the ecology movement-everything and anything, seemingly, except the central proposition: that one can know a loving God and be transformed.
Russell Hittinger, the Warren professor of Catholic studies at the University of Tulsa, admits that many of those who entered religious life before Vatican II simply did not have a calling. Those who truly have a call to monasticism-or other forms of the religious life-begin by falling in love with the pursuit of holiness, as did the monks of Clear Creek.

 Indeed, a return to traditional practices is a common element among those religious orders experiencing renewal. Many young nuns, for example, choose to wear a traditional habit even when their older religious sisters choose modest secular fashions.

The emergence of Clear Creek and other growing monastic communities suggests there will always be young people who ask whether their devotion to God should take precedence over their own personal ambitions and even the natural desire for a family. (The A&E special God or the Girl was an insightful documentary about this.) Today's young people, who have grown up in a highly commercialized and manipulated landscape, are particularly eager to connect with a more authentic way of living. Far from being pressured into pursuing religious vocations, they find their families often protest, feeling they are losing their children to a life that's too isolated.

Father Anderson says, "We were only a bunch of bums, but by becoming nothing, you can be a part of something great."

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 October 19 - Leaders to rethink global finance
 Article: One World Government

Comment from UTT:
Current events are moving towards a new world order with one world monetary system and a one world currency that will eventually bring about "the mark" that will implement global system of buying and selling.

President George W Bush has invited world leaders to gather in the US by the end of the year to discuss reform of the global financial system.

The summit would be the first of a series announced after talks between Mr Bush, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and EU Commission chief Manuel Barroso. Before he arrived at Camp David, the US presidential retreat in the state of Maryland, the French leader warned the world could not "continue to run the economy of the 21st Century with instruments of the economy of the 20th Century".

After the meeting, Mr Bush said: "It is essential that we work together because we are in this crisis together." He went on to invite world leaders to an economic summit after the US election in November, to discuss responses to the current financial crisis. "Together we will work to modernise and strengthen our nations' financial systems so we can help ensure this crisis doesn't happen again," he added.

Mr Sarkozy said the crisis could offer a "great opportunity" to build the capitalism of the future and leave behind the "hateful practices" of the past. "We cannot continue along the same lines because the same problems will trigger the same disasters," he warned.

European Commission President Manuel Barroso, who also took part in the talks, said: "We need a new global financial order."

That summit would seek to "review progress being made to address the current crisis and to seek agreement on principles of reform needed to avoid a repetition," the leaders said in their statement.

"Later summits would be designed to implement agreement on specific steps to be taken to meet those principles," it added. Other world leaders are to be consulted over the plan.

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 October 19 - Pontiff Puts World in Mary's Hands
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from UTT:
Is this really what the pope believes? If so, then someone should inform him of what the Bible teaches.

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 October 19 - Ahmadinejad urges boost in Tehran-Rome ties
 Article: Bridges To Rome

Comment from UTT:
A closer relationship between Iran and Rome should lead to an interesting scenario - especially when Iranian leaders have called for Israel to be "wiped off the map." 
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here on Sunday called for further expansion of Tehran-Rome bilateral relations.

Receiving credentials of the new Italian Ambassador to Tehran, Alberto Braddnini, the Iranian president said Tehran and Rome share identical views regarding many international developments. Such identical views can be used in line with promotion of bilateral cooperation as well as global peace and security.

Stressing that the era of war, conflicts, terrorism, and bloodshed is over, President Ahmadinejad said the world should enter a new era based on friendship, justice and mutual respect.

On Tehran- Rome relations, he said the existing cultural relations have resulted in expansion of all-out ties between the two nations.

As to bilateral trade and economic cooperation, Ahmadinejad expressed hope that the two countries would witness rise in mutual ties in the near future.

For his part, the Italian ambassador said the two countries can play a key role in global culture and civilization. The Islamic Republic of Iran can play a more active role in promotion of security and peace throughout the globe as well as in settlement of tensions and combat against terrorism, the new Italian ambassador added. He vowed to make great efforts to help boost Tehran-Rome relations in all fields.

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 October 20 - Bin Laden's plan for 'global fireball' - Intel agents uncover plot for worldwide disaster
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Comment from UTT:
The world faces a grave situation in light of the potential devastation created by those who believe they are called by "god" to rule the world. Surely this article shows that we are living in the last days and confusion and chaos will soon become the catalyst that calls for world peace and a world religion.

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 October 19 - Beatles songs as likely to explain Christianity as the Bible, says bishop
 Article: Emerging Church

Comment from UTT:
This following article defines apostasy perfectly.
The Rt Rev Nick Baines, Bishop of Croydon, has urged churches to use hits by b ands such as U2 and the Beatles in their services. In a book backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, he argues that pop music writers can convey deep theological concepts in a way that is more accessible to the younger generation.
Hundreds of evangelical churches have already turned to guitar-based songs instead of traditional hymns, but the bishop suggests that clergy still need to be more creative in appealing to non- churchgoers.
"For many people the language of the Bible has become inaccessible and yet pop song writers can make a connection with people because their language is fresh," he said. "They are able to open our imagination to a way of thinking about God that we've become deaf to in church language.
"Songs get more into the soul than simply reading an ancient book," he added. "I hope that they would be awoken to God and it would lead them to want to read some of the stories in the Bible."
The bishop said that churches should offer "a menu to people from different backgrounds " and should not be afraid of criticism.
In another passage, the bishop tells how the U2 song, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, helped define his faith.
"The Bible tells a great story, but it is not as accessible as it used to be for a generation that hasn't been brought up with it."

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 October 19 - Rosary Is Anchored in Holy Scripture
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from UTT:
The pope justifies praying the rosary as means of practicing contemplative prayer and finding inner silence. This same unbiblical idea (contemplative prayer) is being promoted by the emerging church as a means of getting closer to Jesus. Such practices, rooted in eastern mysticism, are very effective in getting in contact with the demonic realm. However, participants are being deceived and do not recognize the danger. 

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