October 13 - October 19, 2008 
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 October 8 - Emerging Leader Urges Christians to Shape Culture from Within
 Article: Emerging Church

Comment from UTT:
Tony Jones is one of the key leaders of the Emerging Church movement. Read the following article to see that Jones' formula for building up faith, opens the door for embracing all faiths. The Emerging Church is a bridge to a one world spirituality that is unfolding and drawing young people from many families.
Tony Jones feels uncomfortable when fellow Christian leaders tell students to stand "against" American culture. He doesn't know if that's even possible anymore.

Jones is a popular author and speaker on the emerging church and youth ministry. He is also national coordinator of the controversial Emergent Village which some have criticized as undermining doctrine and truth.

"We can strengthen their muscles ... teach spiritual disciplines ... [but] you only get good at prayer by praying, not only listening to youth pastors talk about praying," he added.

For now, what youth leaders can do to help prepare students is first understand that they have to grow into new generations of faith, considering their elementary and middle school faith is not big enough for them when they go into high school and then college, Jones suggested. And part of that growing process includes allowing students to question those beliefs they held as absolute truth when they were much younger.

Allowing room for doubts and questions, however, doesn't mean they're turning their back on Jesus, Jones assured.

"It means that the way that [students] embrace the authority of Scripture is going to be more nuanced and more paradoxical and more complex than it was when [they] were in middle school," he noted.

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 October 11 - Haniyeh: American Empire is collapsing
 Article: Misc.

Comment from UTT:
A major shift in the global affairs in now underway. Islamic nations empowered by petroleum are now suggesting Allah is "punishing" non Islamic countries by the financial meltdown that is presently underway. Expect to see a global currency be proposed as a means of solving this global problem with a global solution.
America's opponents in the Middle East are gloating at the financial meltdown in the United States, describing it as the divinely inspired collapse of an overstretched empire. 
Hardline clerics across the region as well as representatives of US opponents like Hamas and al-Qaeda have described the plummeting stocks and frozen credit markets in the United States as a kind of retribution for American misdeeds. 
"We are witnessing the collapse of the American Empire," Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas prime minister in the Gaza Strip, told worshippers during Friday prayers. "What's going on in America is a result of the violation of the rights of people in Palestine, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Muslims around the world."

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, a high level Iranian cleric, was more blunt when he addressed worshippers on Oct. 3, describing the situation as God's punishment. "We are happy that the US Economy is in anarchy and the anarchy is reaching Europe," said Jannati. "They are seeing the result of their own ugly doings and God is punishing them."  

Al- Qaeda, America's arch-nemesis in the region, was one of the first to express satisfaction over the financial crisis in a half hour video message early in the month. "The enemies of Islam are facing a crushing defeat, which is beginning to manifest itself in the expanding crisis their economy is experiencing," said American al-Qaeda member Ahmed Gadahn.  

"God has responded to the supplications of the oppressed people," Mufti of Mount Lebanon Sheik Mohammed Ali al-Jouzo told the state-run news agency Thursday. "It is the curse that hits every arrogant power.

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 October 12 - Financial crisis reshapes world order
 Article: One World Government

Comment from UTT:
A power shift is underway as a result of the financial meltdown that is taking place around the world. This is preparing the world for a new world financial order that will eventually require a one world currency.
As shell- shocked central bankers and finance ministers gather in Washington to confront the world's financial meltdown this weekend, that grinding noise in the background is the sound of the global balance of power shifting.

"In a very bizarre way, roles have been reversed in the global economy," said Alex Patelis, head of international economics at Merrill Lynch. "The typical troublemakers of the global economy, the emerging markets, are actually now the world's creditors.

"We do need a new world financial order, and we will probably get one as a side effect of this crisis," he said.

The meeting was designed to "coordinate [policies] to lessen the effects of global market turmoil and the economic slowdown on all of our countries," Mr. Paulson said.

Before the meeting, President Bush issued a plea for nations to work together to address the crisis, avoiding the go-it-alone protectionist trade strategies that worsened conditions during the Great Depression.

"In an interconnected world, no nation will gain by driving down the fortunes of another. We are in this together. We will come through it together," Mr. Bush said during an appearance in the Rose Garden after a private White House meeting with ministers and officials from nearly a dozen nations and international organizations.

"The G-7 is not working," he said. "We need a better group for a better time."

"For more than two centuries, the U.S. and Europe have exercised an effortless economic, political and cultural hegemony," he wrote. "That era is ending."

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