April 7 - April 13, 2008 
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 April 7 - Rosary prayed in dozens of languages to prepare for 'Global Living Rosary'
 Article: .Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

One purpose of the Global Living Rosary is to seek the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary to bring peace in individual hearts, in families, in communities, in nations, and in the world, said the founder of the Global Living Rosary movement, Father Jim Kelleher, as he implored the crowd that nearly filled the huge midtown Kansas City church.

"I suggest you have a much greater power," Father Kelleher said. "It is the power to gather together in your living rooms, in your own domestic church, and pray the rosary. You will be calling on the Prince of Peace through the intercession of the Queen of Peace. The blessings he will give will radiate through this city."

"When Mary wants something to happen, it will happen," Hoag said.

"At Redemptorist, there are no strangers," he said to the crowd as he led a sign of peace at the end of the rosary. "There are only friends that haven't met yet."

"I reflect on the 30,000 privileges I have had to call down Jesus Christ on the altar under the appearances of bread and wine, to call down the Lord, Jesus Christ each day so that the world might be fed," he said.

"We know our nation is in trouble," Father Kelleher said. "Has our heavenly mother left us without an answer? No!" As she did in Fatima when she entrusted her message to three children, Mary turns to ordinary people to do extraordinary things and change the world, the priest said.

"He wants to give children the gift of a friendship with him that will last a lifetime," he said.
"When you commit to pray the rosary with your children, you are making a commitment to give your children the most powerful tool they will ever have." 

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 April 7 - Israel: We'll 'destroy' Iran
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

JERUSALEM - Israel will "destroy" Iran if Tehran decided to launch a war against the Jewish state, Israeli Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer said today.

The unusually harsh warning from Ben-Eliezer, a former defense minister, was delivered as the official visited his ministry's war room, which took part today in a massive, nationwide, weeklong drill that is set to include simulated chemical missile attacks on central Israel.

"The Iranians won't rush to attack Israel, because they understand the significance such action would have and are well aware of our strength," Ben-Eliezer told reporters. "However, Iran continues to aggravate the situation by supplying arms to Syria and Hezbollah, and we must deal with this."

The minister said this week's war drill "is not a meaningless spectacle or a fictional scenario. The future reality is likely to be a number of times harsher than that which we recognize now. We are confronted with a situation where the home front becomes the front line."

"In a future war, it will be much safer to live in (the northern towns of) Nahariya and Shlomi instead of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, since I expect that in the opening attack hundreds of missiles will strike Israel," Eliezer said. "There will be no place in the country which is not within range of Syria and Hezbollah's rockets."

Israel's current war drill is the country's largest-ever. It aims to prepare the public and government and army institutions for the possibility of a future war.

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 April 7 - Key scientist sure "God particle" will be found soon
 Article: Creation / Evolution - Misc.

GENEVA (Reuters) - British physicist Peter Higgs said on Monday it should soon be possible to prove the existence of a force which gives mass to the universe and makes life possible -- as he first argued 40 years ago.

Higgs said he believes a particle named the "Higgs boson", which originates from the force, will be found when a vast particle collider at the CERN research centre on the Franco-Swiss border begins operating fully early next year. "The likelihood is that the particle will show up pretty quickly ... I'm more than 90 percent certain that it will," Higgs told journalists.

Today, the existence of the invisible field is widely accepted by scientists, who believe it came into being milliseconds after the Big Bang created the universe some 15 billion years ago. Finding the Higgs boson would prove this theory right.

Scientists at the centre hope the process will produce clear signs of the boson, dubbed the "God particle" by some, to the displeasure of Higgs, an atheist.

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 April 8 - Pastors: Where Do Preaching and Culture Meet?
 Article: Social Gospel

WOODBRIDGE, Va. - Hundreds of pastors and ministry leaders grappled Monday with the basic but difficult to answer question of how to stay plugged in to the culture to gain access and share the Gospel with a younger generation that is "fundamentally atheistic."

Attendees - who range from small-town preachers to world- renown Christian leaders - converged for the 19th Annual National Conference on Preaching outside Washington, D.C. The three-day conference, which kick-off on Monday, will explore the role of preaching in addressing cultural, social, and political issues under the conference theme of "Where Do Pulpit and Culture Meet?"

"When it comes to apologetics, perhaps we need to talk less about reasons to believe the Bible and move towards 'this is the Bible,'" White offered. "Maybe we need less Easter messages that say 'did Jesus rise from the dead' and maybe we need to move on to say 'so what if he did?'"

During a panel discussion that ensued, Pastor Joseph Evans of Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., voiced his concern that increasingly a cross-less Christianity is being presented by churches. Messages that don't talk about the "bloody transaction" and that it "cost something for us to be Christians" are popular and acceptable to culture, but Evans argues that Christianity that preaches the cross will "always be powerful."

He added, "Christianity when you preach the cross will always be powerful because in its context Christianity was counterculture. The cross of Christ was never popular. It was rebellious at best. I don't want a Christianity that conforms to everything we see. Christ is not a popular culture. We have to have the irreverence to stand up and proclaim the Gospel. Not everybody wants to hear that, but a lot of people do."

Pastor Rick Warren, best-selling author of The Purpose Driven Life and founding pastor of Saddleback Church in southern California, is scheduled to give a sermon Tuesday evening. Other speakers at the event include Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship;

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 April 9 - Emerging Churches Step Up in Increasingly Gospel-Receptive Society
 Article: Emerging Church

Non-Christians are more receptive to the Gospel today than at any point in recent American history, according to one research team. "We are seeing a new level of curiosity among those who are seeking out religion - and we rejoice that people are willing to hear about Jesus," said Sam S. Rainer III, who heads Rainer Research.
While Rainer said he finds the increased receptivity among non-believers encouraging, the problem lies with churches not being able to connect with them and the culture. But there are churches that have contextualized the timeless message of the Gospel to the culture and are connecting successfully with their communities, Rainer noted.

After five years of research on emerging churches, Bolger discovered places that were expressing the Christian faith in cultural forms that made sense to a population that has become more urban. Churches that have been able to connect with their communities were more relational, focused on practices and less institutional, he found.

Such churches incorporated aspects of people's daily lives - whether it's ipods, art or music - into their worship to "weave together the sacred and the secular," he said in a recent interview featured on Fuller's Web site. Along with creativity, these emerging churches have refocused on the life of Jesus as a model way to live. Thus, inviting the outsider in, hospitality, forgiving, peacemaking and praying together daily are central, Bolger pointed out.

"It's not extra, it's not an outreach. It's actually the Gospel. So it's something they have to get right," he said, noting that the emerging churches look to express faith in the workplace, neighborhoods and in everyday activity and are not necessarily looking for ways to bring people to church services.

"The reason they do that is to ground their faith in the practices of everyday so it's not a detached other worldly only faith, but it's something that connects to their everyday," said Bolger.

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 April 8 - Tony Blair: articles of faith
 Article: One World Religion

His decision to set up a Faith Foundation to encourage interfaith dialogue and rescue religion from extremism is therefore particularly welcome: not only does it draw on his deep personal convictions and long political experience, but also it comes at a time when faith plays an ever more central part in politics and policy. Rarely have faith issues intruded as forcefully into Britain's largely secular society, or religious extremism been as critical to fanning and prolonging conflicts around the world.

In outlining his hopes for this new forum to The Times, Mr Blair has focused on two key challenges: the reconciliation of faith with modernity; and the interfaith dialogue between the world's main religions. Already, this dialogue is gathering pace: not only are academic and church bodies playing an ever more visible role in current debates on multiculturalism, extremism, identity and Britishness, but also in the wider world there have been potentially momentous initiatives to end historic schisms and enmities - the Vatican's overtures to Eastern Orthodoxy, the Pope's readiness to reassess Martin Luther and the call by 138 Muslim leaders for an institutional dialogue with Christianity.

The scale is ambitious: he sees the forum in global dimensions, building partnerships with existing interfaith bodies, championing moderation and religious tolerance so that different faiths, like societies and economies, can live and work together.

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 April 10 - "Holistic disarmament" at a meeting of Justice and Peace
 Article: One World Government

An international seminar will examine how ethics and politics, economy and law, international organisations, non-governmental groups and religions can work together for disarmament, development, and peace.
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Ethics and politics, economy and law, international organisations, non-governmental groups and religions, in synergy for the realisation of "hoilistic disarmament", not only of weapons, but also and even before this, as affirmed by John XXII in "Pacem in Terris," in the heart of man. This is the central concern of the international study seminar that the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace will hold at the Vatican tomorrow, April 11, and the following day, with the participation of scholars and experts at the international level, on the theme: "Disarmament, development, and peace: perspectives for holistic disarmament."

The first session of the meeting, tomorrow, will be dedicated to an ethical and spiritual reflection on disarmament and on the conditions for a geopolitics of development and peace, with addresses - among others - by Jesuit Fr Sergio Bastianel of the Pontifical Gregorian University and by Guy Feuer of the Sorbonne.

The third and final session on Saturday will emphasise the role of the various subjects called to work together for "holistic disarmament", meaning government and non- governmental bodies, international organisations, and, not least, the religions, with addresses by Jorge Urbina of the United Nations, Cornelio Sommaruga of the International Center for Humanitarian Demining, and Cardinal Keith O'Brien, archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh. The work will be introduced and concluded by the president of the pontifical council, Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino.

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 April 9 - 'Iran training Hizbullah fighters for next conflict with Israel'
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Around 300 Hizbullah recruits are taken from Lebanon to Iran each month to train for the "next" war with Israel, according to a report in a British newspaper on Tuesday.

In The Independent, journalist Robert Fisk claimed that since November 2006, as many as 4,500 Hizbullah fighters have gone to Teheran for three-month stints of live-fire ammunition and rocket exercises to "create a nucleus of Iranian-trained guerrillas for the next Israeli-Hizbullah war."

Fisk also claimed that Hizbullah had a new "surprise" weapon - suspected to be a new Iranian-developed ground-to-air- missile - that "may at last challenge Israel's air supremacy over Lebanon."

He said that the future of Lebanon was in the hands of the US and Iran, and added that Nasrallah would retaliate against Israel for the killing of the group's operations chief, Imad Mughniyeh, in Damascus in February.

"Just as the Israelis constantly warn of war, so the Hizbullah still promises revenge for the car-bomb murder of its former intelligence officer [Mughniyeh]," he said.

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 April 8 - Rick Warren meets with Kenyan officials
 Article: Emerging Church

Dr. Warren then shared with Mr. Musyoka his vision for the P.E.A.C.E Plan through which he is mobilizing volunteers from the U.S. in Rwanda, Uganda and other African nations to address the five global giants of spiritual emptiness, ego-centric leadership, extreme poverty, pandemic disease and crippling illiteracy. The vice president said that his government would officially welcome that emphasis in his country as well and sealed that invitation with a handshake.
"It is good to be with the fathers of the church in Kenya, meeting together in harmony and unity when so many things in your country are in crisis," he said. "This could be the Kenyan church's finest hour, and a step toward revival - not to retreat, not to divide, but to shine.

"We must never let politics or anything else divide us," Dr. Warren challenged. "Our message is, 'Overcome evil with good.' You don't overcome evil by protesting, marching or demonstrating.

"People are most interested in spiritual things when they are in transition or tension," Dr. Warren added. "Don't look at it as a breakdown, but rather as a breakthrough. This opportunity for renewal and revival will depend on where you lead your people. You need to help them lay things down and pray them up and to build bridges, not walls.

"Despite our different denominations, we need to speak with one voice the answer to this predicament," Dr. Warren concluded. "We need boldness to proclaim love in the midst of hate; unity in the middle of disunity; direction in the center of confusion; understanding where there has been misunderstanding; and forgiveness in the face of hurt and pain."

When the Kenyan church leaders heard about their counterparts in neighboring countries uniting together to make Rwanda and Uganda Purpose Driven nations by conducting "40 Days of Purpose" training in most of their churches, they, too, invited Dr. Warren and his team back to make Kenya the third country to embrace these principles on a national scale.

"You don't have to see eye-to- eye to move forward," Dr. Warren said. "What is needed now is for people to not identify with a particular tribe or party, but with the mantra, 'I am Kenyan.'"

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 April 10 - Youth Leaders 'Shift' Against Tide of Discontent
 Article: Emerging Church

During a shift from the modern world to what many call a postmodern world, ministers who lead younger flocks are finding more reason to change their approach to youth ministry. With students walking away from the church in droves, youth ministry is no longer viewed as just fun and games. Rather, it's a serious time in ministry where high levels of creativity and innovation kick in, says author and sought- after speaker Brian McLaren.

Thousands of youth leaders have converged in the Chicago area for the Shift 2008 conference, hosted by the Willow Creek Association (WCA). Conference organizers desire to help "shift" the future of youth ministries and bring an end to youth ministries' ineffectiveness in spiritually transforming students.

McLaren sees a "tide of discontent" rising around the world. Seekers and the unchurched are finding a political agenda, social conservativism and fear of people with problems when they attend a church service, McLaren pointed out. And while they have deep concern for social justice and poverty, they find a completely different agenda of religious arguments in the church, he added.

"To a lot of unchurched young adults, they (religious arguments) seem kind of trivial compared to these life and death issues of HIV/AIDS, poverty, war, and environmental destruction," he commented. "It's that kind of disconnect that really is causing pain for a lot of us."

Youth leaders stand at a critical period in ministry when teens' minds are opening up and temptations are growing larger, as McLaren stated. So to Kimball, youth leaders are heroes and pioneers that change the future of churches.

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 April 11 - Polish bishops seek return of John Paul II's heart to Poland
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

.- Polish bishops are trying to have Pope John Paul II's heart extracted and moved to the Polish cathedral where the Pope served as cardinal, AKI News reports.

Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek, speaking to the Polish Catholic news agency KAI, said that many Poles wanted the exhumed heart to be sent as a relic to the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow. 

Since his death in 2005, Pope John Paul II's burial site in the crypt of St. Peter's Basilica has been venerated by thousands daily.

Pope Benedict XVI, the present Pontiff, has waived the ordinary five-year waiting period required before investigations begin into Pope John Paul's cause for beatification.

At a Mass last week commemorating the death of his predecessor, Pope Benedict praised John Paul II's "many human and supernatural qualities," including "an exceptional spiritual and mystical sensibility."

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 April 10 - Obama promises 'gays' 'strongest possible bill'
 Article: Misc.

In a sit- down interview with the "gay" magazine the Advocate, Sen. Barack Obama said, if elected, he foresees eliminating the military's "don't ask, don't tell policy" and passing the Employment Non- Discrimination Act, opposed by many faith-based groups that argue it would force them to accept homosexuals in leadership.

Obama indicated he wants the bill to include protection for transgenders, but acknowledged opposition in Congress is strong, noted David Brody, senior national correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network's news division, or CBN News.

"I think that's going to be tough, and I've said this before. I have been clear about my interest in including gender identity in legislation, but I've also been honest with the groups that I've met with that it is a heavy lift through Congress," he said.

"We've got some Democrats who are willing to vote for a non-inclusive bill, but we lose them on an inclusive bill, and we just may not be able to generate the votes," Obama continued. "I don't know. And obviously, my goal would be to get the strongest possible bill - "that's what I'll be working for."

Obama also boasted he's been more "vocal on gay issues to general audiences than any other presidential candidate probably in history."

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 April 10 - A Multifaceted Gospel
 Article: Emerging Church

Likewise, people naturally tell the gospel in their own particular way. Some focus on a change of heart, mind, or direction; others major on judgment or conviction of sin. Some speak about the promise of new life, now and eternally; others stress individual transformation or societal and cosmic renewal. We need all of the above.

Every gospel summary has pros and cons. None is comprehensive; indeed, some may well be deficient. But different approaches can provide necessary correctives. Thus, we need what Joel Green calls a "kaleidoscopic" understanding of the Atonement, or what Scot McKnight calls "stories of the Story."

Evangelicals needn't be afraid of new approaches to the gospel-the church has been coming up with them for centuries. We managed to get through 1,900 years of Christian history without the Four Spiritual Laws and the bridge diagram. The formula of "accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior" is also fairly recent. And what worked in the post- World War II context might not be appropriate in the early 21st century. Many people today have different questions, assumptions, and concerns.

Hence, we need variety and creativity in our gospel witness. A chorus of voices from N. T. Wright and Dallas Willard to Allen Wakabayashi and Brian McLaren calls us to rediscover the kingdom of God. Scot McKnight tells a story about the restoration of cracked eikons (image- bearers). Kevin Vanhoozer places the gospel in the context of an unfolding drama. James Choung's True Story offers a "four worlds" diagram in which we are designed for good, damaged by evil, restored for better, and sent together to heal.

Let us continue to explore and share the gospel in ways old and new. Whether we talk about justification by faith or defeating the powers, sight for the blind or reversal of entropy, freedom for the oppressed or healing of the nations, it's all good. The gospel is all of the above, and so much more.

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 NEWS ALERT - April 11 - Rome's Exorcist Gives Inside Look at Devil
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from Understand The Times:
The following news item indicates the Vatican is upgrading the agenda to declare "Mary - the Queen of Heaven," not only the "Mother of the Eucharistic Christ," but also Co- redemptrix.
By declaring that "Mary" is Satan's greatest opponent, the fact is that the "Mary" of Roman Catholicism who is nothing more that the queen of heaven that is recorded in the book of Jeremiah chapters 7 and chapter 44 that is a demonic female entity that has been worshiped as queen every since Babylon.
The Bible states their is one Redeemer, and His name is Jesus Christ.

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 April 12 - Israel has no way for survival
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Thursday that the allies hope for survival of the Israeli regime is waning.

Ahmadinejad made the remark in a meeting with his Senegalese counterpart Abdoulaye Wade in Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi province, adding that the countdown for fall of Tel Aviv regime has started, and that their strives are in full desperation.

The fake Israeli regime carries out the most ugliest crimes against humanity massacring civilians in Palestine in clear example of genocide, he said, adding that the best way out for the current crisis is to hold referendum in Palestine.

Urging the Organization of the Islamic Conference and all Muslim nations to support the oppressed nation of Palestine, he said that the organization can play decisive role in different problems of the Islamic world.

President Wade further underlined the need for support of all Muslims for the oppressed people of Palestine and for condemnation of crimes being perpetrated systematically by Israel.

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 April 8 - Connecting with God
 Article: Emerging Church

The Kairos Center is one of a number of ecumenical spiritual centers sprouting up across the country that seek to complement the religious knowledge that individuals acquire in traditional church settings.

The centers - there are about 16 of them in New England - use contemplative programs, the arts, and other spiritual exercises to broaden one's perspective of religion and spirituality.

Rev. Elder-Wilfrid said most program participants are active in their churches. "But they have a hunger (for knowledge) that goes deeper. For these people, church isn't enough," she said. "Our programs get people to think more with their hearts than their heads."

She worked with a seven member team at All Saints to create the center, which was approved by the church's Vestry and which draws individuals from many denominations. Sixteen people from five to seven different faiths took part in the center's first program. They met once a month for a year and participated in various spiritual exercises, and attended a weekend retreat.

The center has also sponsored Taize services, based on a form of worship developed in the 1940s by a French brother. The ecumenical services include contemplative prayer, scripture readings, healing, meditative silence, and simple chanting.

Another program offered by the center is "Reiki," a practice of healing touch that's intended to promote well-being and wholeness within the body. Many have also participated in
the "labyrinth walk," an ancient form of prayer that invites an individual to reflect on a spiritual journey by walking a path that winds toward a center point and out again.

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 April 12 - Episcopalians Finding Role in Monastery Life
 Article: Emerging Church

Mount Calvary is actually an Episcopal monastery, one of five monastic communities belonging to the Order of the Holy Cross. The United States and Canada are home to 23 distinct Anglican religious orders, said David Bryan Hoopes, president of the Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas, yet many people don't know Anglican monks and nuns exist.
"I did not know that Protestant denominations had monasteries," she said. Then a friend from her home parish mentioned St. Gregory's Abbey in Three Rivers, Mich., an Episcopal monastery, "as a place where people from our dioceses go, when they need to get away."

Once there, Perett said she enjoyed the vow of silence imposed on both the guests and the monks, who welcomed her to join the daily cycle of prayer and the chanting of the psalms.

Roy Parker, a monk and ordained priest at Mount Calvary, agreed, noting that Episcopalians -- despite a liturgy that looks and feels like a Catholic one -- don't have to answer to the same hierarchy. "I think the Roman Catholic tradition doesn't respect the democratic process as much as the Episcopal Church does," he said.

"The Protestant Reformation essentially disbanded monasteries, as Luther and others argued against monasticism as a special way of life and advocated the family as the fundamental unit of a Christian society," she said. In the 19th century, however, "Protestant groups began to revive monasticism as a way of leading a prayerful life devoted to God."

Mount Calvary now follows the Rule of St. Benedict, a set of guidelines created in the 6th century. Found in many Catholic and Episcopal monasteries, it calls for vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and features hospitality as a principle ministry.

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 April 12 - U.S.-made chips in passports sought
 Article: One World Government

A group of House Republicans have introduced legislation that would require the State Department to use U.S.-made components for new electronic passports and to assemble the booklets here.

The bill is aimed at improving the security of passports, and points out that all U.S. passports currently use foreign components and are assembled with a computer chip inside the cover in Thailand.

"National security is best served when the manufacture and assembly of United States passports occurs within the borders of the United States," the legislation states.

"Allowing American passports to be manufactured and assembled overseas raises serious national security concerns," said Rep. Bill Sali, Idaho Republican and a key bill co-sponsor. "Outsourcing work that has the potential to jeopardize the privacy and security of American citizens must be avoided."

"There is absolutely no justification for outsourcing our nation"s passport production," Mr. Hunter said. The legislation would require the secretary of state to use only U.S.-manufactured electronic components for passports and a new electronic passport card.

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 April 10 - Episcopal Communicators meet in Seattle
 Article: Emerging Church

As the 35th annual meeting of Episcopal Communicators got underway April 9 in Seattle, Washington, participants began to experience the conference's theme of "Emerging Communications for an Emerging Church." The Eucharist, held in the ballroom of the Hotel Deca, included guitars and drums, lyrics of new and traditional music projected on a screen above the conference-table altar and an "Open Spaces" time of meditation and prayer stations in place of a traditional sermon.

When considering new congregations that are emerging from mainline Protestant denominations (in which she includes the Episcopal Church), Butler Bass suggested asking "from what are we emerging" and "toward what are we emerging." She noted that the two questions are connected because every group or individual carries everything from the past on the journey to the future.

Butler Bass said that the part of the Episcopal Church's cultural prominence that it will carry with it toward the future is the fact that "we're not afraid of power." Episcopalians know how to use their knowledge of how the political sphere works to effect real change in people's lives, she said.

As Episcopalians move into what is being called the era of "post-liberal theology," she said, they can take with them liberal theology's openness of questioning and exploring faith as they try to renew the sense of transcendence and mystery that often got lost in the previous era.

Butler Bass suggested that those with the ministry of communications have a role to play as "bards of the emerging church" who "can lead change by the stories we tell." "Words lead," she said. "We are the storytellers -- the storytellers of the place we once were -- and we can be storytellers of the place where we are going."

Rickel cited a third tension between what he termed the center and the edges. "The emerging church is at the edge and they have so much to teach" those who are at the center. Yet the center wants to remain the same. "We continue to use our code.ECW.narthex.815.even the word Eucharist," he said, calling such language "the code for insiders."

"The church needs to travel to the edges," he said. "You can take us there" by hearing and seeing the emergent church and helping to tell its story.

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 April 13 - Pope: prayer for missionary vocations, and for his visit to the United States
 Article: Emerging Church

Benedict XVI emphasised that there is above all a need for missionary priests, who dispense "the Word of God and the Sacraments, manifesting to all with their pastoral charity, above all to the sick, to the least, to the poor, the healing presence of Jesus Christ".  

"Let us pray also", the pope added, "that the ranks may grow continually of those who decide to live the Gospel radically through the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience: these are men and women who have a primary role in evangelisation.  Of them, some dedicate themselves to contemplation and to prayer, others to various forms of educational and charitable action, but all are united by the same goal: that of bearing witness to the primacy of God over all, and of spreading his Kingdom in every realm of society".  

Invoking "the maternal protection of Mary over the many vocations existing in the Church, that they may develop with a strong missionary imprint", Benedict XVI also entrusted to Mary "the special missionary experience" that he will have in the coming days "with the apostolic voyage to the United States of America, and the visit to the UN".  "I ask all of you", he concluded "to accompany me with your prayer".  

After the Marian prayer, in the greetings in various languages, he exhorted the young people to "listen to the call of the Good Shepherd", and to follow him in a radical way, in order to be "truly happy".  He asked all to pray for his "apostolic pilgrimage" to the United States.

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