November 5, 2018 - November 18, 2018 
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 November 6 - The Chinese Government Identifies Citizens By The WAY THEY WALK
 Article: One World Government

Comment from UTT:
The Chinese obsession to monitor biometrics as a means of maintaining social control will become the norm in the future when a global society is implemented by a global government.

Communist Chinese authorities are using "gait recognition" technology to identify Chinese civilians by the way that they walk. The new technology uses body shapes and movement to identify people even when their face is not in the camera.


This dystopian big brother nightmare is quickly becoming a reality for the souls residing in the People's Republic of China.  Already used by police on the streets of Beijing and Shanghai, "gait recognition" is part of a push across China to develop artificial intelligence and data-driven surveillance that is raising concerns about how far the technology will go.

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 October 27 - The UN Wants to be Our World Government By 2030
 Article: One World Government

Comment from UTT:
The following article provides an explanation how the United Nations has a plan to establish a pathway towards a one world government that soon will be established on planet earth.

In the 1960s, an informed but na´ve undergraduate, I was walking across the campus of the University of Pennsylvania with the Chairman of the Chemistry Department, Prof. Charles C. Price.  He told me that he was president of the United World Federalists, and asked if I knew what that organization was.  When I said that I did not, he replied that they believed in a one-world government that would grow out of the United Nations.  I was nonplussed as I had never heard anyone suggest that idea before.  To me, the United Nations was a benevolent organization dedicated to pressuring the world community in the direction of peace, and to operating charitable programs to help the struggling, impoverished peoples of the world. I imagined the UN as a kind of United Way on a worldwide scale.

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 November 6 - 61 Percent of Christians Believe in These 4 New Age Ideas
 Article: New Age

Comment from UTT:
The following article shows how Christianity has been impacted by witchcraft and New Age ideology over the past several decades. This follows the pattern we find in the Bible that has been repeated over and over again. Judgement is coming!

It's common knowledge that
the New Age movement has a strong foothold on our culture right now. Bookstores are lined with best-selling titles teaching people how to use crystals, how to meditate and cultivate "higher consciousness" and how to make contact with spirit guides, as people like Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey continue to push things like Christ-consciousness and meditation on the masses. Popular teachers like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle continue to sell millions of copies of books teaching the idea that God is an impersonal force in the universe and that we are to cultivate relationship with this force by shifting our consciousness and practicing things like "mindfulness," "presence" or yoga. This year, Netflix recently came out with a series called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, complete with spell-casting, incantations and demonic manifestations right around the same time the makeup company Sephora announced that they would be releasing a starter with kit for little girls, complete with crystals, sage and tarot cards.


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