September 24, 2018 - September 30, 2018 
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 September 22 - ORWELLIAN: Apple monitors your phone calls and emails, then calculates a "trust score" just like the communist Chinese government it's happening NOW, in America
 Article: Technology For A Global Monetary System

Comment from UTT:
The advancing technology of our day sets up the world for the potential for everyone to be monitored by a global computer. The following article warns about one of the ways this may be happening. George Orwell's world that was once science fiction is now reality.

If you value privacy and freedom, it may be time to ditch your iPhone (if you haven't already). Thanks to some clever fine print, Apple is now granting itself the right to monitor users' phone calls and emails. What is the massive left-wing tech company doing with this information? Generating "trust ratings" for Apple product users - a similar endeavor is currently underway in communist China. Overseas, the Chinese government is issuing "social credit scores" to its citizens, and now Big Tech is taking on a similar mission here on U.S. soil.

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 September 19 - Digital Dictatorship: China Exerts Control Over Population Through "Social Credit" System
 Article: Technology For A Global Monetary System

Comment from UTT:
The following article explains how citizens of China are about to be totally monitored as part of a system called digital dictatorship. This is exactly what will happen on a global basis in the near future. More information is being released every day confirming that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.

China is developing a digital dictatorship to exert control over its 1.4 billion citizens. For some, "social credit" will bring great opportunities - for others, punishment. The Communist Party's plan is to monitor its citizens 24/7 and rank them on their behavior, as the dystopian social ranking system will be fully operational by 2020.

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 September 24 - Latvia: Full Text of Pope's Homily at Shrine of the Mother of God, Aglona
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Truly, we can say that what Saint Luke tells us at the beginning of the book of the Acts of the Apostles is being repeated here today: we are joined together in prayer, in the company of Mary our Mother (cf. Acts 1:14). Today we make our own the theme of this Visit: "Show yourself as Mother!" Show us, Mother, where you continue to sing your Magnificat. Show us the places where your Son is crucified, that we may encounter your steady presence at the foot of the cross.

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 September 24 - Latvia: Pope's Address at Ecumenical Prayer in Lutheran Cathedral of Santa Maria, Riga
 Article: Ecumjenical Movement Christianity Uniting With Roman Catholics

Comment from UTT:
Pope Francis promoted ecumenical unity while visiting Latvia fulfilling the Jesuit goal to make the Roman Catholic Church the "mother of all churches."


It is a great pleasure for me to meet with you in this land marked by a journey of recognition, cooperation, and friendship between the different Christian churches, which have succeeded in building unity while preserving the unique and rich identity of each. I might say that this is a "lived ecumenism" that is one of Latvia's special traits. Without a doubt, it is a reason for hope and thanksgiving.

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 September 20 - Most Millennials Believe the Bible Is 'Just a Book' - What This Group Is Doing About It
 Article: Miscellaneous

Comment from UTT:
While the younger generation is being brainwashed into believing the Bible is "just another book" the truth of the Word of God still remains a powerful way for radically changing lives around the world. God's Word will not return void.


It appears today's younger generation is more disengaged than ever from the Christian faith. A recent Barna Group study reveals that only 14 percent of Millennials believe the Bible is the literal Word of God. The 2017 study also found that one in three Millennials view the Bible as "just another book." And according to researchers, both Millennials and Generation Z are more hostile to the holy book than previous generations.

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 September 19 - Amazon Will Consider Opening Up to 3,000 Cashierless Stores by 2021
 Article: Technology For A Global Monetary System Inc. is considering a plan to open as many as 3,000 new AmazonGo cashierless stores in the next few years, according to people familiar with matter, an aggressive and costly expansion that would threaten convenience chains like 7-Eleven Inc., quick-service sandwich shops like Subway and Panera Bread, and mom-and-pop pizzerias and taco trucks.

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 September 26 - Pope Francis: Address to G20 Interfaith Forum
 Article: One World Religion

Comment from UTT:
Pope Francis makes another appeal for religions of the world to work together. He calls for a "universal family" to resolve global problems. This is in keeping with the Pope's previous declaration that all religions worship the same God.


In these days of exchange and reflection, it is intended to explore more deeply the role of religions and their specific contribution in consensus-building, for a just and sustainable development that ensures a decent future for all. Certainly, the challenges that the world has to face at this time are many, and very complex. We are currently facing difficult situations that not only affect many of our neglected and forgotten brothers but also threaten the future of all humanity. And men of faith cannot remain indifferent to these threats.

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 September 26 - President Donald Trump says Mideast peace plan possible in next four months
 Article: Israel And The Last Days

Comment from UTT:
President Trump is making the claim that his administration will be able to bring peace to the Middle East within the next few months by offering a "two-state" solution. True peace will never be established according to the Bible.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday his administration will offer a Mideast peace plan in the next two to four months and he reaffirmed U.S. support for recognizing Palestine as a state as part of a peace process. 

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 September 23 - Mega-pastor: Ten Commandments no longer applicable
 Article: Unbiblical Christianity

A mega-pastor of one of the largest "evangelical" churches in the U.S. is attacking the Old Testament again, this time insisting Jesus rendered the Ten Commandments null and void, issuing one new law "as a replacement for everything."


Andy Stanley, pastor of the 34,000-member North Point Community Church in suburban Atlanta, who famously advised his flock to "unhitch" from the Old Testament in a sermon last spring, has now penned an article promoting his new book saying laws such as "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" and "Thou shalt not kill" are no longer relevant to Christians living in the New Covenant era.

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