August 13, 2018 - August 19, 2018 
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 August 2 - Chase ATMs go cardless
 Article: Technology For A Global Monetary System

Comment from UTT:
Another stage towards a cashless society is being made possible as ATM's can now be accessed using smart phones. Soon all transactions will be without the use of cash.

Forgot your bank card? No worries. Chase has you covered. The New York City-based bank announced that it has expanded its cardless access to nearly all of its 16,000 ATMs nationwide.

The new technology will allow customers to get cash through their phone's mobile wallet without needing a physical debit card or an access code for authentication. Users can simple "tap" their smartphone on the ATM to "easily and securely access money on the go."

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 August 8 - Israel And Hamas Are On The Verge Of WAR As More Than 150 Rockets Rain Down On The Holy Land Overnight
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Comment from UTT:
A major war is on the verge of breaking out in the middle-east. Hamas continues to aggravate Israel who has vowed to defend the Israeli nation at all costs and by all means
This is the closest that Israel and Hamas have been to war since the last major conflict in 2014. There had been ongoing negotiations regarding a long-term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, but those plans appear to be on hold after a huge escalation of the violence in the last 24 hours. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gathered with his defense minister and other top military officials late last night, and at this hour it is unclear what will happen next. If Hamas stops firing rockets, perhaps ceasefire negotiations can resume. But if they keep firing rockets, it could lead to all-out war and all hell could break loose in the Middle East. 

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 August 10 - Yellowstone Volcano latest: Big One fears as 153 EARTHQUAKES strike Yellowstone in July
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

Comment from UTT:
Seismologists report continuing tremors in Yellowstone Park, warning that a major catastrophic event could happen at any time.

YELLOWSTONE National Park has been struck by a shocking 153 earthquakes during the month of July, sparking fears the 'Big One' earthquake or a super volcano could be due.

The University of Utah Seismograph Station, which is responsible for the operation and analysis of the Yellowstone Seismic Network, revealed 153 earthquakes hit the Yellowstone National Park region in July. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the largest quake had a magnitude of 2.5 and was part of a small sequence of 12 earthquakes. A larger sequence of 77 earthquakes occurred 14 miles south-southwest of Mammoth in Wyoming during the time period between July 16 and 27. The USGS also revealed that steamboat geysers remained active in July, with eruptions on July 6 and 20.

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 August 6 - 5 Things the Church Does Today Instead of Preaching the Word
 Article: Unbiblical Christianity

Comment from UTT:
The following article outlines common trends present in the church today that indicate the teaching of the Word of God is being neglected.
I wish I could tell you that most pastors are preaching the Word. I can't-some are not. Here are five things we may choose to do instead of preaching the Word.

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 August 8 - Pope Francis: Trust God - not idols
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from UTT:

The Bible teaches that idols are an abomination and have no part in the worship of the one true God. Is Pope Francis concerned about the many Catholics around the world who seem to have ignored this important commandment? If this is the case, major changes lie ahead.

Attachment to idols is a failure to trust totally in God - and to reject these idols, Catholics must accept their weaknesses, inviting Christ to heal their hearts, Pope Francis said Wednesday.

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