Commentary by Roger Oakland
Understand The Times International: Roger Oakland Ministries


Jesus made it clear that understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way one can enter into the Kingdom of God. If this is true, would it not be reasonable to suggest that Satan, Godís adversary, would do all he could do to prevent people from hearing and understanding the gospel? Have you ever met opposition when you have attempted to present the gospel?

When Paul was called to be a witness for Christ on the road to Damascus, he was told that the task of witnessing to unbelievers would not be without opposition. However, Jesus promised to deliver Paul from the Jews and the Gentiles (unbelievers) who would be the source of the opposition.[1] Of course, we encounter the same kind of opposition, although nearly 2,000 years have passed.

One of the most outspoken and hostile individuals I ever encountered crossed my path the very first time I spoke publicly in defense of the biblical creation view. The meeting was held in a very small church in a Saskatchewan farming community. At the end of the meeting, the local biology teacher (who had been invited by a student) attacked what I had said and defended her evolutionary view with great zeal. Her comments were so rude and insulting, for several days thereafter, I questioned whether or not I should continue in ministry.

Of course, there have been many other encounters since but none as devastating as that first experience. Today, as I look back over the many years I have been in ministry, I can see how Satan was attempting to discourage me from witnessing in obedience to God.   

If you are an active witness for Jesus Christ, I am sure you have met opposition. This opposition does not necessarily come as a physical confrontation. Often when new Christians attempt to share their new-found faith with their relatives, they are met with rejection that can have deep emotional implications. What we have to remember is that Satan, ďthe god of this world,Ē is very upset with the fact he has lost another to Godís Kingdom. He will do all he can to try and prevent those who are closely related to the new believer to reject them and try to make them believe they are fools.

It is important to remember that the Bible teaches us that ďour battle is not against flesh and blood.Ē Over the years that I have been involved in ministry, I have observed that men and women who oppose the gospel with the greatest hostility are the ones who are usually under strong conviction from the Holy Spirit.

We must never give up just because someone opposes us or rejects us. Remember, it is Godís grace that brought us into the Kingdom, and it must also be Godís grace that will influence our friends, relatives, and acquaintances. When opposition comes, donít take it personally. Itís Godís battle. He knows what He is doing.



[1]  Acts 26: 17