Commentary by Roger Oakland
Understand The Times International: Roger Oakland Ministries


Are you aware a growing sector of  our society is making the claim there is no qualitative difference between animals and humans? Extremists, known as "animal-rights advocates," are becoming zealous evangelists of the belief that people, cats, dogs, snails, and farm animals are all equal. What is the rationale behind this peculiar reasoning?

While human lives are being exterminated by the millions before they have a chance to be born, a strange fascination and reverence for four-footed beasts and creeping things is on the upswing. In fact, many of the same protesters who are enthusiastic about the right to kill the unborn, are the same ones demanding to protect the lives of rodents. The "right for life" for rats and mice is becoming a significant issue. 

Evolution, man's speculation on the subject of the origin and history of life , has played a major role in promoting this view. For example, the late Carl, Sagan, a major advocate of the evolutionary theory, in his book called "The Cosmic Connection," expressed his firm belief that evolution is the guiding mystical force which links all living things together.

Expressing in emotional terms his debt to evolution for the very existence of man, he stated:

As co-equal recipients of this precious patrimony of 4.5 billions years of evolution, why should the identification not apply also to all other organisms on Earth, which are equally the product of 4.5 billion years of evolution? We care for a small fraction of the organisms on Earth... dogs, cats and cows for example... because they are useful or flatter us. But spiders, salamanders, salmon and sunflowers are equally our brothers and sisters." [1] Carl Sagan's comments on human "brotherhood" with the animal kingdom is taken seriously by many. Especially those who hold to the eastern religious belief of reincarnation, based on the idea of evolution of consciousness and karma. Hindus, who believe that rats and cows are gods, have always held a special kinship with the animal kingdom.

Perhaps it should be no surprise then, that current events reveal a growing trend emphasizing a divine reverence for animals. Throughout the world, animal rights activists have formed vigilante groups and have released cattle, chickens and pigs from farmyards. Universities and research laboratories have been the scenes of wild protests and vandalism in the name of "animal liberation".

The apostle Paul helps us to understand the situation we have been describing in the book of Romans, chapter one. The overwhelming evidence to support the existence of a Creator is all around us. Willingly rejecting that evidence places man in a category where he is without excuse. Professing to be wise he becomes a fool and believes a lie. [2]





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[2]  Romans 1:18-25