The Demise of Mega Corporate Churches
By  the Jesuit Plan Known as the Counter Reformation



For some time, Understand The Times has been warning pastors of churches that were formerly considered to be Protestant and evangelical about the spiritual deception that is currently underway and seducing them into the One World Religion. As time has passed, it seems that these leaders no longer consider themselves Protestant or evangelical. They are ecumenical.  Instead of protesting against the rule of Rome, they are now actually partners with Rome and even promoting a globalist Dominionist plan to transform the world in what they believe is a great revival or great awakening. While many innocent sheep follow these pastors and leaders and do not realize what is happening, the Lord is calling watchmen and watchwomen to sound the alarm. The question is, how many are listening?

These watchmen and watchwomen are concerned about apostate leaders who should know better, but they are saying and doing nothing to warn about the apostasy. In fact they are promoting apostasy as if it is not happening. While the sheep may consider their leaders to be supporters of the gospel and therefore evangelical, it is apparent one cannot be on the road to Rome and also be promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ that we find in the Scriptures. Either you are for Jesus Christ and against apostasy, or you are against Jesus Christ and for apostasy. Ecumenism and joining hands with the world religions is not of God. There is one God, Jesus Christ our Creator and our Redeemer.

As time passes, there are fewer warning about how close we are to the demise of biblical Christianity. Many who once were blowing the trumpet have now either gone to sleep or they have forgotten what they once believed to be important. The Counter Reformation started by Rome and the Jesuits continues today unnoticed by the apostate churches that are uniting with Rome for many different reasons. They have lost their way as they have been sidetracked by a number of things – love of money, power, and prestige. They have even changed their view on the Word of God and what it teaches about the return of Christ. Some pastors say that Jesus did not even warn about apostasy as a sign of His soon return. They claim that a P.E.A.C.E. Plan and a One World Religion is much more important and we should spend our time and energy working together to solve our social problems.

We have personally been involved in trying to wake up church leaders who are leading their flocks astray. Either they know they are deceived and are covering up what they are doing, or they are ignorant of what they are doing and just deluded. Either way, our experience has not been good. These leaders do not want the light to shine upon the very darkness they have allowed to creep in. Instead of checking and correcting the course in which they travel, they spread lies and rumors about those who are confronting them with the truth. They do exactly what the religious leaders did in Jeremiah’s day. They ignore the message and proclaim that the messengers have lost their minds.

While we have been threatened by pastors who have told us to “shut up” and that God “hates us for dividing the brethren,” let me publically state that dividing the brethren is not our desire or intention. While we realize we cannot judge the motives since only God sees the heart, it is biblical to be inspectors of fruit. What may look like good fruit may not always be good fruit. A pastor can appear full of love and beaming with smiles behind the pulpit, but in his office and behind his desk, he can exhibit a personality like a despot. So which pastor is the real pastor – Pastor A or Pastor B?

Paul said it very clearly and with words of warning with regard to how some spiritual leaders can appear:

But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.[1]

The Great Delusion and the Lie

The Scriptures reveal that the Last Days will be a time of great deception and even strong delusion.2 The reason for this is simple. Satan, the god of this world, has a plan to deceive the world and the church in the name of the Savior. In order for this to happen, the greatest deception in the history of mankind must be pulled off in the Last Days. Those who once believed the truth will fall away from the truth. Worse than that, the truth will be replaced by the lie which apparently the whole world will believe. The world and the world’s religions will also be duped into embracing a One World Government and a One World economy headed up by the antichrist.

The Bible forewarns this will happen, a plan authored by man and inspired by Satan. This best can be described as the three-legged stool or 6-6-6 Plan that we read about in Revelation chapter fourteen. For those who have followed the plans of Rick Warren and Tony Blair, it should be obvious this plan is underway. Those who warn others about this plan are called the “resistors” and are being silenced, removed, or ridiculed for their stance against the “new thing” that “God” is doing.

As one would expect, this plan would not just happen overnight or in a couple of weeks. In fact as one looks at an overview of Church history, we can see there have been numerous attempts by Satan to wipe out those who have held to biblical faith. If he can convince people to believe they are followers of the biblical and historic Jesus when instead they are set up to follow a man who claims that he is Jesus Christ, the ultimate delusion will have been pulled off. This is what the Bible says will happen in the Last Days.

The Counter- Reformation

The best way of understanding Satan’s agenda is to analyze this spiritual deception in light of what we call the Counter Reformation. While we do not intend to lay out all the details here, understand that Satan uses human pawns to pull off his bidding. History bears this out. If humans are going to be used as pawns in an organized way then someone or some organization must be involved.

Again, one needs to be a student of church history to see the whole picture. Most church goers today know nothing about church history. They know nothing about the many who gave their lives because they were dedicated to the truth – this martyrdom of saints began with the disciples and continued right on past the reformation. Most today know nothing of the masses that were slaughtered by the Roman Catholic Church during the Counter Reformation or the Inquisition. They are clueless that the Counter Reformation is still underway today and that the hope and final goal of the Counter Reformation is to have the world bow to the pope in Rome as the pontiff who represents Jesus Christ here on earth and establishes the ‘Kingdom of God” here on earth with the “presence” of Jesus.

The players presently playing this ecumenical role are the Jesuits. Lighthouse Trails and Understand The Times recently wrote a commentary exposing the Jesuit plan. These clever deceivers have a calculated plan to win back the separated brethren to the Mother of All Churches in Rome. When we read the Bible, we know there must be a global religion for peace that embraces all religions in the name of the Savior. If Bible believing churches are not going to stand up and warn about this deception, they will eventually become part of the deception. Writing the book Faith Undone was an attempt to warn this generation what is going on as the emerging church clearly and cleverly devised a plan to bring this ecumenical unity about.

The Effects of the Emerging Church

Faith Undone explained how the road to Rome is being established through the introduction of mysticism, contemplative practices, and outright Peter Drucker and Rick Warrenism; but writing and publishing this book has not been without a high cost - since the book was released, an all out assault from Satan has mounted to stop its warning. Faith is truly being undone, and the Word of God is under attack; those who love the Word of God can see it even though they are only a remnant.

 Jesus asked the question that is recorded in Luke 18:8: “When the Son of Man returns will He find faith?” If this is the indicator of how bad the deception will be, what should those who still have biblical faith be doing?

It should be no surprise then if we are living in the last days that there would be signs indicating the final falling away is underway. We believe this is the case.  Pastors and leaders who were once looked up to as great men of God are showing signs that they are willingly following various avenues to Rome. Whether they know they are being deceived or not may be difficult to prove because they often keep silent. However their silence is deafening. It is hard to understand how a born again Christian can show any support whatsoever toward the ecumenical apostasy. If you are not publically against ecumenical apostasy, could your silence possibly be an indicator that you are likely for it?

Many pastors and Christian figures are forming alliances they would never have before. At one time, these pastors warned the sheep to look out for dominionist political/religious agendas and to remain steadfast boldly proclaiming the gospel according to the Scriptures. Now, the picture is much different - these pastors who say nothing about ecumenism allow themselves to be infiltrated by spokespersons whom they never would have allowed in their pulpits before. Some of these bad alliances are made with men who are knowingly aligned with Rome and the Roman Catholic Dominionist agenda to take over America and the world for “Jesus.”

While this happens, many of the sheep don’t see. The wool is being pulled over their eyes. The shepherds have become wolves in sheep’s clothing. Another gospel and another Jesus is being prepared because there is another spirit at work. This counterfeit plan looks so good to those who do not have discernment that they cannot and will not say anything about it.

Worse yet, there are leaders of churches who claim “God is with them” while all the time they are fleecing the flock. Sheep, because they look to men and not to Jesus, believe whatever their pastors tell them (or does not tell them). Satan’s strategy is to get men to follow men and their methods and movements rather than Jesus and His Word. It’s the perfect setup for the final delusion when the world follows a man who is embodied by Satan.

Judgment Will Begin in the House of the Lord

Perhaps you are one of those who is aware of the trends that clearly show biblical Christianity is under attack. Maybe you have even tried to warn your pastor or the Board of your church, and they were not interested in hearing what you had to say. Over the past few years we have heard countless stories from people spread throughout the vast spectrum of church denominations who all have similar stories. Many have been asked to leave their churches because they would not participate in ecumenism or the contemplative eastern mystical practices that lead to the ecumenical delusion.

While there are few signs at present that indicate help is on the way, the one thing we know is that Jesus said the Church of Jesus Christ will not be defeated. Jesus said “Upon this rock I will build my church.” The rock was not and is not Peter whom the Roman Catholics say was the first pope. The rock is the true foundation of the Church that is faith in Jesus Christ alone.

While I do not claim to know the future when it comes to all that will happen in the present church, I believe it is safe to predict something that few are predicting: the death of the churches that operate like  corporations is just on the horizon. While this may sound foolish to those who have built up their invincible empires which include properties all over the world, radio stations and radio networks, many are detecting that something is terribly wrong. These churches have become nothing more than big businesses driven by greed. The pastors are the CEOs. Their boards are made up of puppets or “yes” men who have little or no power.

Many of these large institutions have been allowing sin in the camp for a long time. You’ve probably read about some of this on the Internet. What kinds of sins? Sexual misconduct brushed under the carpet and not dealt with; mishandling of donor funds; mishandling of and even illegal financial ventures overlooked and sometimes even encouraged; spiritual abuse against church members by pastors and elders who have become arrogant and proud, and so on. But I believe God is going to judge the house of the Lord before He judges the world. Scripture tells us that the things done in secret will be exposed and brought to the light. Just like it says in the Bible, your sins will  find you out.  When this happens and the lines are drawn between the dots, many sheep will be so devastated they will not be able to cope. How tragic. The men they trusted in have let them down.

Come Out of Her

This is a time in history that every professing Christian leader and pastor should take very soberly. It is a time for true humility and true repentance. If there is not humility and repentance, Christian pastors and leaders need to know – your sin will indeed find you out. Better to willingly humble yourself and repent than to wait for God to bring His hand of judgment upon you. If you are leader who is part of the apostasy come out from among her; if you are a leader who is sitting on the sidelines in utter silence while spiritual havoc is taking place, humble yourself and repent and you too, come out from among her. The days are short – there is no time for any believer to compromise.

The Word of God not only helps us to understand our times and the agenda to lead the poor sheep on a path towards spiritual suicide, the Scriptures also give us a clear solution. The harlot is the counterfeit bride that is prepared for the antichrist. Surely we can see this happening. The true Church will not disappear but remain triumphant even though faith in Jesus Christ will be a rare commodity.

Come out of her, means just that. If you are caught in the web of deception that has been woven by the many tentacles of the strong delusion, now is the time to be bold and take a stand. In the circles that I have been part of for the last three decades, few pastors that I know are willing to separate from the comfort of their position or the security of their job.

We are in the final stages of the delusion, and God is warning loud and clear. The Word of God has never changed. Either you are for Jesus Christ, or you are against Him. There is still time to repent and do what is right. Will you be counted in that number? [2]


[1} 2 Corinthians 11: 12-15

[2] Matthew 24, 2 Timothy 3


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