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Bryce Homes Myanmar Update

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Bryce Homes Myanmar Update
March 2017


Bryce Home 1 Myanmar

Greeting to you all the leaders and members of UTT in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

As my wife and I are called by God, we began to serve the Lord as missionary in 2010 at Tanhlin east of Yangon. In 2012, we got 5 new converted from Buddhist family. So, we began home church and now we all become around 40 members together.

Since 2014, by faith we began child care ministry. My wife sell cosmetics, stationery house to house. By His grace, God gives our needs time to time. Sometimes the Lord used even Buddhist family to meet our needs.

I am very much thankful when I head the news that my family is counted as part of Bryce Home from January 2017 and it is greatly a blessing for our family and the works of missions especially for child care ministry. Now we all are 14 members together in our family.

Our purpose is to train them to be good disciples of Christ and to be the good Christian leaders who evangelize Myanmar with the Gospel of Christ.

With a lot of thanks,



Bryce Home 2 Myanmar

By the grace of God, I began outreach ministry since 2011. At the beginning, I got new one believer and have Bible teaching with that family. After that the Lord added new believer time to time and now around 30 members regular on every Sunday church service. We have children ministry on Saturday and on Sunday morning. We also have prayer meeting on Saturay with some women and home cell Bible study on Wednesday at 3:00pm.

The most difficult time for me was last Summer for my mother passed away with a car accident. But the Lord was with me in that time and turn my distress into spiritual blessings. My father is also encouraged as he is with me. By His grace, I newly married Dilisa on November 30, 2016.

I am very thankful for the regular support from UTT till today and grateful for your consideration from this new year $150 and counting our family as apart of Myanmar Bryce homes.

My life commitment is to be contented with what the Lord provides and to seek the Lord faithfully till the end of my life.

In Him,


Bryce Home 3 Myanmar

The Lord have been taking care of Bryce Home Three under the sponsorship of Sowing Circle House since 2007. We see His marvelous works through out the years. To have self support, Christina sells liquid soap and vegetarian at home. These are helpful very much.

The Lord has raised up well educated children who want to live now for Christ with their skills. Daniel has completed his web design course. He is ready to put those into practice and his professional line are both software and hardware computer and mobile, he repairs at home according to the work that entrusts to him.

 Lydia Malsawmi is newly graduated and becomes a government school teacher. Muana is also newly graduated from Pharmacy university. Donga, David Mama and Nenawi continue Bible Study in Biblical School of Theology. Enny begins her first year at West Yangon University.

Christopher, Nawmai, Hming Sangi and Sarah are Grade-10. Nathan is Grade-9. Lydia, Hruaia and Liana are grade 8. Ngura and Samuel are Grade 7. Val Thawm, Enna,Kyaw Soe Aung and Ma Chuani are Grade 6. Joshua is Grade 2. Blessing becomes18 months and Joseph becomes 11 months.

 No matter where they will be in the future, as they have been trained, we trust that they would be good witnesses of our Lord.

His faithful leading hand in the past becomes a great strength for today. Please continue to pray that all these children might grow up in God's way and will.

In Christ,


Bryce Home 4 Myanmar

Greeting to you in Jesus Name. Hope that you all are doing well. As for us, we all are doing well by the same Grace. We always pray for you and all Bryce Home around the world.

We always thank the Lord and everyone who involves to support Bryce Home 4. Through which the children have been trained to have Biblical foundation in life. They are from mix Animists and Buddhist background. Their parents are poor and they are unable to support their children to go to school. By His grace now, they are grown up very fast with education and with the Word of God.

Please continue to uphold us in your prayer that all the children might become useful servants of God in the day to come.

We have some plants to have self sustain ministry in the near future. I want you to know that by prayer we support back to Roger and group from U T T and Elisha and Habakkuk so that God will continue to lead you the best.

In His service,


Bryce Home 5 Myanmar

It is a great privilege for me to serve God who is my savior as a part of Bryce Homes under UTT since 2011 during which we have many developments in the lives of the children. This is a God ordained ministry that He has prepared your lives for His glory.

We are always thankful to you for your love and care for the needy children for which you have made a faithful commitment. And we pray for you every day that you would be able to keep up your commitment. In Bryce Home five we have thirteen students; two are studying Grade 9, one Grade 7, five Grade 6, two Grade 5, one Grade 3, one Grade 2 and one in KG class.

For self supporting i have been trying to find a good work. One thing i have in mind that will benefit. That is planting gingers in my native place for which i would not need to stay there long times. One kg of ginger seed can produce seven fold (1kg into 7kg) in one year.  I need to borrow the land (maybe 2 yrs) and buy the seeds and labor fees for cleaning weeds.

Please continue to uphold us in your prayers.


In His service,


Bryce Home 6 Myanmar

I am Shwe Shwe Oo. I want to say that God is so good to me. His love that I have found is a strength for me today through UTT. That is the reason why I am here as a Sunday school teacher under His great care. I know that I am not deserved but by grace alone. May God bless Roger and all who share their love to a very neglected person like me till today.

With thanks,

Shwe Shwe Oo

Bryce Home 7 Myanmar

First of all, I praise God for His great grace and leading hands that we might serve Him all these years in spite of beeing many weaknesses. We want to express our heart felt thanks to everyone who pray for us, who help us financially faithfully and all our co workers who always encourage us with the words.

Even in this new years 2017, we rededicated all our lives and times to God for His kingdom extension and to fulfill whatsoever works are set before us with joy.

Yours faithfully,


Bryce Home 8 Myanmar

Precious is the privilege of serving our great king as apart of Myanmar Bryce Homes. I would like to express my heart felt thank to a channel UTT whom God used to support our family. Monthly support we received are used for my family living and our children education. What we always emphesize in our daily prayer is that all our children might be useful servants of God in the days to come.

We have private primary school for the farmers children. It existed because village school is very far from the farm fields and families who are in farm fields could not effort their children to send to shool.

To have self support:-1. We have rice field in Delta area. 2. We do sell and but lands. 3. We have Machine for reaping paddy rice.

In His vineyard,

Thar New

Bryce Home 9 Myanmar

Dear Donors

I greet you all in Jesus name. By His grace, we all the Bryce Home 9 family members are doing well. Because of your faithful support, I can continue to serve the Lord joyfully till today.

We pray for you everyday that you all might continue the works under the protection and guidance of the Lord.

We have some plants in order to have self supports. As we are working among Animists and Buddhist background, we try to be good example even in working by having self support.

We see alot of progress in our church activities. Please continue to uphold us in your prayer that our church might grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

In Him,

Ling Khaw Gei

Bryce Home 10 Myanmar

We acknowledge that it is God who uses you to account our family as Bryce Home 10. So, we praise God for His wonderful works in our family. The encouragement with patients by Bryce Home leaders are used to open our spiritual eyes so that we c7an see the goodness of God and stand strong for the Gospel of Christ in the very dark area of Myanmar.

We also want to give thanks to everyone who get involved to support us. We have bean plants to have self support. We will continue to pray for you all.

In Christ

Man Ti Lung

Bryce Home 11 Myanmar

By the grace of God, we still can continue the God given ministry. 18 boys and 4 girls including our family members, we all are 31 together.

We acknowledge that UTT is really used by God to assist us to care these much children with the word of God. By which, we can continue this great work till today.

I want you to know that you and I work together to protect these much children from destruction by alcohols and drugs and train them to be good disciples of our Lord.

We pray God to bless everyone who get involved to support this ministry so that the children might grow in His way and used them by God to change Myanmar with the Gospel of Christ.

In His Service,


Bryce Home 12 Myanmar

Dear Brother Roger,

Firstly, I would like to thank God for His love and grace which is sufficient for us. Taking as apart of Bryce Homes is a great privilege for me and my family. My main ministry is pastoral care. My wife is children ministry in our church.

Your financial support is very useful for the ministry. We have small rice field for self support. We pray that everyone who get involved to support Bryce Homes ministry might be blessed by God more and more.

Yours faithfully in Him,


Bryce Home 13 Myanmar

I praise God for allowing me to work with UTT as apart of Bryce Homes Myanmar. Through which I have a privilege to have an outreach ministry in Buddhist community in Talay town from Bethel village.

In order to have self support, we have pig farm. It is a great strength for us to continue the work that set before us.

With thanks

Ali Ju Ju

Bryce Home 14 Myanmar

First of all, I would like to thank God for His Grace which is sufficient for me. I really felt the love of God through Bryce Homes ministry. I want you to know that God really strengthens us through UTT in the ministry so much and extents His kingdom through us. So, my family prayer is that all Bryce Homes families might be led by God to glorify him alone. My main ministry is youth. My son obed is singing leader.

In His Ministry,

Daw Na Ca

Bryce Home 15 Myanmar

Firstly, I give thanks to God for allowing me to connect with UTT for the ministry.

Secondly, I would like to express my gratitude toward the people of God for counting my family as apart of Myanmar Bryce Homes.

Thank you once again for a new land that we could buy with the relief fund. What we need is a building to work out my vision.

Please continue to pray that I might be used by God to protect my people from destruction and lead them in the right way.

In Him,


Bryce Home 16 Myanmar

Firstly, I give thanks to God for His great leading hand in the whole year of 2016. I would like to give thanks to Roger and Tom Understand The Time and to Habakkuk and Elisha for the love they share that I might go forward in the ministry strongly. My main ministry is church planting. I have rice field to have self support.

In His vineyard,


On behalf of all,



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